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Sunday August 9th, 2020 day edition

image for Covid-19: 100 days of no community spread, no new cases reported

In a statement, the Health Ministry said there were still 23 active cases of the coronavirus in managed isolation facilities.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield thanked everyone who had been tested and those doing the testing.

"Achieving 100 days without community transmission is a significant milestone, however, as we all know, we can't afford to be complacent.

Dr Bloomfield said anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should seek advice from their GP or Healthline and stay at home.

The Prime Minister also said today the 100-day mark did not reduce the threat of a second wave of Covid-19.

"In terms of a milestone, yes 100 days is a significant period of time, but it actually doesn't lessen any of the risk, that's daily.

Today was the fourth day in a row that there has been no new cases reported in New Zealand. »

Trump Just Admitted on Live Television He Will 'Terminate' Social Security and Medicare If Reelected in November

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"We just heard it straight from Trump's own mouth: If reelected, he will destroy Social Security."

"We just heard it straight from Trump's own mouth," the group responded: "If reelected, he will destroy Social Security.".

"Trump's executive order, which seeks to defer Social Security contributions, is bad enough," said Nancy Altman, president of Social Security Works. »

Trump walks out of news conference after reporter asks him about Veterans Choice lie he's told more than 150 times

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Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump abruptly ended a Saturday news conference after a reporter challenged him on a lie about veterans health care he has told more than 150 times.

What Trump signed was a 2018 law, the VA MISSION Act, that modified and expanded the eligibility criteria from the Choice program.

Rather than tout that bill, Trump has claimed over and over that he created Veterans Choice itself -- after others had failed for "50 years.". »

Georgia Cops Open Fire on Kids Running Home to get Father after Traffic Stop

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Georgia cops opened fire on several children who were running home to get their father after the cops pulled them over Saturday, according to family members.

The father of four of the kids, Dominique Goodman Sr., said they were returning home from Walmart when a Waycross cop began following them for several blocks.

The two younger siblings along with their 14-year-old friend stepped out of the car and began running which is when the shooting started. »