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Saturday August 8th, 2020 night edition

image for Canadians fed up with ‘unwanted’ American border crossers who think the pandemic is a ‘farce’: report

Canadians are getting tired of seeing citizens from the disease-ridden United States illegally cross into their country.

In a dispatch for the New York Times, reporter Karen Schwartz, who has dual American and Canadian citizenship, describes how many Canadians are rushing to report “unwanted” American citizens they see sneaking into the Great White North to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

In fact, one of Schwartz’s acquaintances warned her recently that “the Canadians are actually doing damage to vehicles with United States plates on them” — and British Columbian Premier John Horgan recently had to chide his citizens to “be kind” to cars with American license plates after seeing multiple reports of harassment and intimidation against their drivers.

Trevor Long, the general manager at the Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff, tells Schwartz that he’s had problems recently dealing with one man from Alaska who keeps sneaking into the country and demanding that he be allowed to make an appointment at his spa.

“He was a little bit irritated that we said, ‘No, you’re not allowed to have your spa appointment,'” said Long, who added that the Alaskan man told him that “this whole pandemic was a farce.”. »

Suspension Lifted of Georgia Student Who Posted Photos of Crowded Hall

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Few were wearing masks, and there was little sign of social distancing.

The photos, which were shared on social media and cited in news reports, have quickly come to symbolize a chaotic first week back in U.S. classrooms.

By Friday, Hannah said, her suspension had been lifted and wiped from her record, with the school’s principal calling her mother to tell her that she could return to class on Monday. »

Facebook removes QAnon conspiracy group with 200,000 members

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Facebook has deleted a large group dedicated to sharing and discussing QAnon conspiracy theories.

A Facebook spokeswoman said the group was removed for "repeatedly posting content that violated our policies".

Twitter banned thousands of accounts and said it would block QAnon urls, while TikTok deleted hashtags that signposted QAnon videos. »

Covid: Seven year old dies of coronavirus in Georgia, a day after Trump said children are ‘almost immune’

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A seven-year-old boy from Georgia with no underlying health conditions became the youngest person in the state to die from coronavirus, a day after president Donald Trump said children are “almost immune from the disease”.

A six-year-old girl from Tennessee and a six-year-old boy from Nebraska also died from coronavirus this week.

According to a tracking project hosted by Johns Hopkins University, in the US as a whole, some 4.8 million people have tested positive for coronavirus. »

Supporters of religious violence are more likely to claim they’re familiar with religious concepts that don’t exist

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The researchers found that those who claimed to be familiar with concepts that did not exist also tended to report being more supportive of religious aggression.

In other words, we need to further research what exactly drives religious overclaiming and why religious overclaiming translates into violent attitudes,” Jones said.

The study, “Religious Overclaiming and Support for Religious Aggression“, was authored by Daniel N. Jones, Adon L. Neria, Farzad A. »