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Saturday August 8th, 2020 morning edition

image for U.S. Intelligence Says Republicans Are Working With Russia to Reelect Trump

Today he followed up with a more direct and incriminating one, specifically warning that Russia is working to help reelect Donald Trump.

Trump obviously tends to respond with rage at the suggestion that Russia wants him to win, let alone that he is accepting the assistance.

So Evanina’s summary delicately surrounds the revelations about Trump and Moscow with superficially balancing material.

The report highlights three countries that want to influence the election: Russia, China, and Iran.

The report notes that the latter two want Trump to lose, while Russia wants him to win.

This seems intended to let Republicans claim that there is foreign interference on both sides.

Republicans could tell Russia that Russian-controlled media are free to say anything they want, but Republicans aren’t going to launder their propaganda for them. »

Facebook removes QAnon conspiracy group with 200,000 members

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Facebook has deleted a large group dedicated to sharing and discussing QAnon conspiracy theories.

A Facebook spokeswoman said the group was removed for "repeatedly posting content that violated our policies".

Twitter banned thousands of accounts and said it would block QAnon urls, while TikTok deleted hashtags that signposted QAnon videos. »

Supporters of religious violence are more likely to claim they’re familiar with religious concepts that don’t exist

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The researchers found that those who claimed to be familiar with concepts that did not exist also tended to report being more supportive of religious aggression.

In other words, we need to further research what exactly drives religious overclaiming and why religious overclaiming translates into violent attitudes,” Jones said.

The study, “Religious Overclaiming and Support for Religious Aggression“, was authored by Daniel N. Jones, Adon L. Neria, Farzad A. »

Microsoft fires back at Apple, accusing it of treating gaming apps differently

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Hour after Apple explained why Microsoft's xCloud wouldn't be coming to iOS, Microsoft shot back and accused the company of "consistently treating gaming apps differently.".

Microsoft shot back at the Cupertino tech giant later on Thursday, issuing a statement to CNET that accused Apple of treating gaming apps unfairly compared to other apps on its app marketplace.

"And, it consistently treats gaming apps differently, applying more lenient rules to non-gaming apps even when they include interactive content.". »