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Saturday July 25th, 2020 evening edition

image for Coronavirus: Israeli court rules Palestinian prisoners have no right to social distancing

Israel's Supreme Court has ruled that Palestinian prisoners have no right to social distancing protection against coronavirus.

Adalah attorney Myssana Morany, in a statement released following the ruling, slammed the court for accepting "the fiction pitched to it by Israeli authorities that Covid-19 social distancing policies - essential for everyone else - are not relevant to the Palestinian 'security prisoners' it holds behind bars".

"Israeli authorities claimed today in court that social distancing policies essential for protecting prisoners serving time for criminal charges are somehow not relevant for 'security prisoners'.

Arabic press review: Palestinian with cancer and Covid stuck in Israeli prison Read More ».

There are more than 4,520 Palestinian prisoners, including 183 children, 43 women and 700 detainees with pre-existing medical conditions in Israeli jails, the UN experts added.

In its statement, the UN said Israel had released hundreds of Israeli prisoners due to the pandemic, but refused to release any of its Palestinian inmates.

"Under these conditions, prisoners are unable to adhere to [the] Israeli Health Ministry's social distancing guidelines for preventing the spread of Covid-19, thus endangering their safety and lives," Adalah pointed out. »

Let's Talk About Sex in Space

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While there has been a human presence in space since 1961, the topic of sex in space continues to be woefully under-examined.

Imaginations were set aflame in 1992 when it was reported that Jan Davis and Mark Lee, two astronauts who went to orbit aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor, had secretly married nine months prior to their mission.

That means that taking sexual behavior to space is a risky variable to toss into an already high-risk situation. »

Breaking: LSD Chemist William Leonard Pickard to be Released From Prison

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Breaking: LSD Chemist William Leonard Pickard to be Released From Prison | In In Magazine | By By Russell Hausfeld.

The decision comes after Pickard spent 20 years in prison for conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, and dispense LSD.

(July 24, 2020 / 6:32PM) Julie Holland, M.D. (@BellevueDoc) is reporting that LSD-chemist and longtime drug war prisoner, William Leonard Pickard, is being released from prison. »

Joker named most complained-about film of 2019 by BBFC

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The British Board of Film Classification has named Joker the most complained-about film of 2019.

The BBFC are responsible for deciding the age rating for films and TV series across Great Britain.

The ratings board revealed that they received a total of 149 complaints last year, less than half of 2018’s total. »