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Sunday July 19th, 2020 evening edition

image for Ancient Buddha statue discovered in Pak, destroyed by construction workers for being 'unIslamic'

An ancient Buddha statue, which was found in Pakistan's Takht Bahi area in Mardan district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while digging the foundation of a house, was vandalised by local construction workers on Saturday as they considered the relic to be "unIslamic".

Workers who were digging the foundation of a house discovered the ancient relic said to be from the Gandhara civilisation.

A video of the incident that has gone viral on social media shows the construction workers destroying the idol using a sledgehammer and expressing their resentment towards it.

#Shameful A life sized statue of God Buddha was discovered in a construction site in Takhtbhai,Pakistan.

In 2017, two rare and ancient Buddha statues were unearthed at an archeological site in Bhamala in Hariput district.

The largest ever statue found at the site depicts the death of Buddha and the second statue was a Buddha with a double halo.

A couple of years ago, the museum's tallest statue of Buddha in schist stone was transported to Switzerland for display there for 100 days at an international exhibition. »

Police call N. Portland protest a riot; downtown protesters dismantle fences on 52nd night of protests

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Protesters in North Portland lit the Portland Police Association building on fire and police declared a riot while demonstrators in downtown Portland targeted fences on the 52nd straight night of protests in the city Saturday.

Demonstrators traveled to the Portland Police Association, the Portland Police Bureau’s union.

Earlier Saturday, the Portland Police Bureau announced that command from the Federal Protective Service would not work in the Portland Police incident command center. »

'F&F' director got man arrested in Tokyo

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Lin told DS that Universal hired a "fall guy" to accompany him in Tokyo because Japanese authorities refuse to give out permits for location shoots.

The director explained: "When we went to shoot in Tokyo it's a very different culture.

The cops, they're all so polite, so it takes ten minutes for them to come over and kick you out. »

Labour calls for sanctions on Chinese officials over Uighur repression

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The government should freeze the assets of Chinese officials over the persecution of the Uighur people, Labour has said.

However, Chinese officials were notable by their absence from the list, despite growing concerns about repression by authorities in Xinjiang.

The government has a duty to take a lead and do all we can to save the Uighur people. »