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Sunday July 19th, 2020 day edition

image for Police call N. Portland protest a riot; downtown protesters dismantle fences on 52nd night of protests

Protesters in North Portland lit the Portland Police Association building on fire and police declared a riot while demonstrators in downtown Portland targeted fences on the 52nd straight night of protests in the city Saturday.

Demonstrators traveled to the Portland Police Association, the Portland Police Bureau’s union.

Portland police declared the event a riot around 10:50 p.m. and told demonstrators to leave the area or be subject to arrest.

In downtown Portland, one early speaker urged demonstrators to come out every night to prove strength in numbers.

“They can’t stop you if you come out here as a cohesive group every single night,” the speaker said.

President Donald Trump recently deployed federal officers to Portland, where they met nightly protests with munitions and gas.

Earlier Saturday, the Portland Police Bureau announced that command from the Federal Protective Service would not work in the Portland Police incident command center. »

Trump May Use DHS Stormtroopers To Stop People from Voting

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Last night I wrote about Trump’s use of ICE and Border Patrol stormtroopers under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security to detain and intimidate peaceful protesters.

The result of the suit was a 1982 consent decree between the Democratic and Republican parties.

If Trump and his cronies can create authoritarian chaos on Election Day to intimidate Democratic voters, they likely will. »

Thousands rally in Russia for 8th straight day of anti-Putin protests

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Tens of thousands gathered Saturday to protest the arrest of a regional Russian governor in an eighth consecutive day of anti-Putin unrest.

The protests come after a referendum earlier this month allowing Putin to stay in power for up to 16 more years.

But the protests have “become for the most part an occasion for a surge of discontent among citizens.”. »

Poll finds 79% of Canadians think masks should mandatory in public - BC News

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A new poll finds that the majority of Canadians believe government should make the wearing of face masks mandatory in public places.

According to a new Ipsos poll conducted for Global News, 79% of Canadians agree that masks should be made mandatory in public places (42% strongly/ 37% somewhat).

Nearly three quarters of Canadians agree that they support vaccinations against COVID-19 being mandatory once a vaccine is developed, unchanged since this question was first posed to Canadians in May. »

Despite medical clearance, Kelowna woman kicked off plane for not wearing mask - Kelowna News

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The Kelowna mother, with her infant daughter in tow, was trying to get back to Kelowna after visiting her sister in Ottawa, when Air Canada kicked her off her connecting flight in Montreal.

The reason, says Bibby, she can't, for medical reasons, wear a face mask, which is now required on all domestic flights.

"I can't wear a mask because I have severe claustrophobia, which leads to anxiety and panic attacks to myself," Bibby told Castanet News. »