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Saturday July 18th, 2020 night edition

image for Pentagon issues de facto ban on Confederate flag at military bases

The decision could increase tension between Esper and Republican President Donald Trump, who has cited free speech rights in his defense of Americans who fly the Confederate flag.

The Confederate flag was flown by breakaway Southern states that advocated for the continuation of slavery and lost the 1861-65 U.S. Civil War.

Flying the flag can be offensive to many Americans, who see it as a reminder of the enslavement of Black Americans and as a symbol of white supremacy.

Supporters say the flag represents the South’s heritage and culture and, along with U.S. military bases named after Confederate generals and statues honoring them, serve as memorials to Confederate casualties in the Civil War.

Trump has also publicly opposed renaming U.S. military bases named after Confederate generals, such as Fort Hood in Texas and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, putting him at odds with his military, whose top general has said the matter should be re-examined.

The reason it does not cite the Confederate flag explicitly was to ensure that it could withstand challenges, the defense official said.

Most U.S. military services, including the Marine Corps, have already banned the display of Confederate flags, but Esper’s memorandum is department-wide and will affect military installations around the world. »

Majority of Canadians polled want U.S. border closed until end of 2020: Ipsos

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More than eight in 10 Canadians surveyed in a new Ipsos poll said they want to keep the U.S.-Canada border closed till at least the end of 2020.

3:10 Coronavirus: Many Canadians proceeding with caution amid COVID-19 pandemic, exclusive Ipsos poll shows Coronavirus: Many Canadians proceeding with caution amid COVID-19 pandemic, exclusive Ipsos poll shows.

2:17 COVID-19: Some Canadians and Americans back an extended border closure COVID-19: Some Canadians and Americans back an extended border closure. »

Trump may intervene in case of St. Louis couple wielding guns at protesters, Missouri governor says

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Previous: Armed St. Louis protesters broke gate, threatened couple before they drew their own guns, attorney says.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey came out of their house, brandished their guns, and demanded the protesters leave because they were trespassing.

"Today, both the Governor and Donald Trump came after me for doing my job and investigating a case," the statement said on Tuesday. »

MI6 floor plans lost by building contractor

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The documents, most of which were recovered inside the building, held sensitive information on the layout, including entry and exit points.

Balfour Beatty, the company working on the refurbishment at the headquarters in Vauxhall, is reportedly no longer working on the project.

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said the missing plans were not classified or intelligence documents, but the pages did hold sensitive details. »