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Thursday July 16th, 2020 evening edition

image for Earth's Population Will Begin Shrinking Within 50 Years, Scientists Predict

Just a few decades later, numbers will drop as fertility rates decline and nations like Japan and Italy lose as much as half of their population.

We might assume fewer mouths to feed and fewer bodies to house would be less taxing on the environment.

But the reality of a shrinking population may be a bleak one.

The researchers describe a fluctuating map of population densities and critical changes in the makeup of citizenship in various countries.

That is, of course, if America maintains a working population through immigration and increasing support for reproductive health services.

Such 'devastating' consequences of a shrinking population also depend largely on how nations protect worker's rights and redistribute wealth.

Endless growth is still a doomsday scenario as far as our planet's ecology goes, but a shrinking global population could be just as stark for humanity, at least under current economic regimes. »

Anti-mask crowd fills Utah County meeting on mask mandate exemption request; meeting rescheduled due to health concerns

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The commission was scheduled to vote on a letter asking Ralph Clegg, executive director of the Utah County Health Department, to give Utah County “compassionate exemptions” to Gov. Gary Herbert’s mandate.

Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee speaks with residents prior Utah County Commission meeting in Provo on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

Commissioner wants Utah County students exempt from mask mandate Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee is seeking what he calls a “compassionate exemption” to the mask mandates for K-12 students in Utah County from Gov. Gary Herbert. »

New psychedelic research sheds light on why psilocybin-containing mushrooms have been consumed for centuries

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This study sought to address a simple but somewhat perplexing question: Why do people use psilocybin?”.

“Psilocybin, in the form of hallucinogenic mushrooms, has been used for centuries for the psychoactive effects.

Recent US survey studies show that lifetime psilocybin use is relatively modest and quite stable over a period of decades,” Griffiths explained. »