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Thursday July 16th, 2020 day edition

image for "Disturbing" memo reveals Trump's USPS chief has slowed delivery amid calls to expand voting by mail

Carriers do not typically leave mail behind, often making multiple trips under heavy loads to get letters and packages to marked recipients as soon as possible.

If the agency increases package delivery rates, which has the support of the administration, competing private companies could smell blood and throw new weight behind smothering the agency.

DeJoy, a North Carolina businessman, ascended to the head office in May after the resignation of Ron Stroman.

Stroman, who had defended the integrity of voting by mail, was reportedly forced out amid coordinated Republican attempts to undermine public faith in the service.

"Stroman was specifically key on elections and vote by mail — this is not a good sign," ProPublica's Jessica Huseman tweeted in response to the resignation.

"The Postal Service should not slow down mail or compromise service in any way, especially during this crisis," he added.

However, this April he and Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., put bi-partisan pressure on the USPS to resolve issues with delivery of mail ballots in their state's primary. »

Iran acknowledges its troops shot down a passenger jet and killed 176 people, describing a string of colossal failures

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Following the release of the report, Ukraine said it was not ready to accept Iran's explanation for what happened.

A chain of serious mistakes led Iranian troops to fire on a passenger jet early this year, killing 176 people, a new report from Iran's Civil Aviation Organization indicates.

The passenger jet caught fire after it was hit and turned right toward the airport before crashing into a playground. »

Anti-mask crowd fills Utah County meeting on mask mandate exemption request; meeting rescheduled due to health concerns

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The commission was scheduled to vote on a letter asking Ralph Clegg, executive director of the Utah County Health Department, to give Utah County “compassionate exemptions” to Gov. Gary Herbert’s mandate.

Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee speaks with residents prior Utah County Commission meeting in Provo on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

Commissioner wants Utah County students exempt from mask mandate Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee is seeking what he calls a “compassionate exemption” to the mask mandates for K-12 students in Utah County from Gov. Gary Herbert. »

Norway Becomes World’s First Country to Ban the Use of Palm Oil in Biofuels to Stop Deforestation

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In June 2016, Norway became the first country in the world to ban deforestation.

A first measure was to stop donations, contracts and national investments with companies that had ties to deforestation.

Now, the country takes a new step forward in the fight against deforestation, by approving the ban on the Norwegian biofuel industry from buying palm oil and other products associated with deforestation. »

Govt should hang ‘heads in shame’ as Apple wins 13 billion euro tax appeal

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Apple and Ireland have won their appeal against the European Commission over a 13 billion euro (£11.6 billion) tax bill.

The General Court in Luxembourg annulled the decision taken by the commission over Irish tax rulings in favour of the tech giant.

He said: “The Irish government should hang their heads in shame for supporting Apple in their appeal and using taxpayers’ money to help prevent Ireland receiving 13 billion from Apple. »