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Tuesday July 14th, 2020 night edition

image for Global brands employ Uyghur Muslims as ‘forced labour’

“The ASPI has identified 27 factories in nine Chinese provinces that are using Uyghur labour transferred from Xinjiang since 2017.

Those factories claim to be part of the supply chain of 83 well-known global brands.

The factories in which these Uyghur Muslims are made to work form a major chunk of the supply chain of these big brands.

Global phone leader Apple’s selfie camera manufacturer O-Film Technology Co. Ltd in Guangzhou, China, is also a part of the “Xinjiang Aid” and receives multiple workforces in terms of Uyghur Muslims, the report said.

A September 2019 report by New York-based China Labour Watch said contract workers at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, who include Uyghur workers, had put in at least 100 overtime hours a month.

“The workers in these factories are brought and kept in dormitories after they finish their ‘re-education’ in the camps.

If a Quran is found, the owner will be sent back to the ‘re-education camp’ for 3-5 years.”. »

White House seeks to discredit Fauci in memo leaked to reporters

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White House seeks to discredit Fauci in memo leaked to reporters Administration sources say he's sometimes referred to as "Dr. Gloom and Doom.".

The news of the document comes as two senior level White House sources tell ABC News that Fauci has at times been referred to among aides to President Donald Trump as "Dr. Gloom and Doom.".

"Right now the risk is still low, but this could change," Fauci also told the Today Show at the time. »

Opinion | I Have Cancer. Now My Facebook Feed Is Full of ‘Alternative Care’ Ads.

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Facebook is ubiquitous in many of our lives, and people use the platform to search for health-related support groups and information.

So we might assume that Facebook has an ethical stake in keeping its content free of scams and misinformation.

The problem, which even Facebook acknowledged, is that pseudoscience content can run for months before being flagged by readers. »

Coronavirus: Woman infects 71 people after one lift trip

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A woman unwittingly infected at least 71 people with coronavirus after using the lift in her tower block, researchers believe.

The traveller returned to her home in Heilongjiang province, China, from a trip to the United States on 19 March – eight days after the area last reported any new Covid-19 cases.

The woman had not taken the lift with anyone else – but her downstairs neighbour used it at some point after her. »