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Tuesday July 14th, 2020 evening edition

image for Galactic Renaissance Man: Model Maker and Droid Maestro Don Bies Talks Artoo, Becoming Boba Fett, and More

I was always drawn to make-up effects, so I loved films like Planet of the Apes and anything with monsters.

When the original Star Wars film came out, it finally inspired me to want to pursue a film career.

Jon introduced me to some other ILMers and got me a gig as a puppeteer on Witches of Eastwick at ILM.

I worked on a series of Japanese Panasonic commercials featuring the characters of Star Wars, eventually meeting George [Lucas], Anthony Daniels, and Peter Mayhew.

That connection led to working as the Lucasfilm archivist, which then led me to picking up work at ILM in the model shop.

Don Bies: It’s really an honor and a privilege to have been involved in the films and its legacy.

She loves pretty much everything Disney, great weather, making/eating really good food, and of course, Star Wars. »

Hong Kong primaries: China declares pro-democracy polls 'illegal'

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Hong Kong's national security laws are designed to make the media self-censor | Tom Grundy Read more.

Late on Monday Beijing’s top representatives in Hong Kong labelled the primaries “illegal” and accused organisers of colluding with foreign powers in a “serious provocation” of Hong Kong’s electoral system and to seize the private data of voters.

Last week Hong Kong schools were told children could not form human chains or sing Glory to Hong Kong, a song which had become an unofficial anthem of the protest movement. »

Cop who ‘threatened to shoot protesters through door of his home’ accidentally kills fellow police officer

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Cop who ‘threatened to shoot protesters through door of his home’ accidentally kills fellow police officer.

A Police officer accidentally killed a fellow cop who was at his front door after he threatened to shoot protesters who showed up on his doorstep.

Special Agent Ryan Jacks, with state police, wrote in court documents that Hutton approached Salyers’ door and knocked. »

Ghislaine Maxwell had a cellphone wrapped in tin foil 'to evade detection'

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The federal agents who arrested Ghislaine Maxwell found a cellphone wrapped in tin foil inside of her New Hampshire home in “a misguided effort to evade detection,” prosecutors said Monday.

Prosecutors revealed new details of what took place the day Maxwell was arrested and argued they underscore the risks of allowing her out of detention.

As they were sweeping the house, they discovered a cellphone wrapped in tinfoil on top of a desk, the court papers say. »