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Saturday July 11st, 2020 night edition

image for Adrian Wojnarowski Sends ‘Fuck You’ Email To Senator Who Suggested Pro Cop, Military NBA Jerseys

Hawley’s letter to the NBA is in response to the news that the league will allow players to put approved social justice slogans and causes on the back of their uniforms.

If @NBA is going to put social cause statements on uniforms, why not “Support our Troops” or “Back the Blue”?

Or given how much $$ @nba makes in #China, how about “Free Hong Kong”!

Less than two hours after Tweeting out his letter to Silver, Hawley shared another tweet showing ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski’s response to the letter: “fuck you.”.

It’s probably a safe bet that Hawley CC’d many members of the press when he emailed his letter to Silver.

Wojnarowski, who is arguably the most well-known sports reporter in North America with 4 million followers on Twitter, posted an apology later Friday afternoon.

China responded by flexing its muscle, telling the NBA and LeBron James to ‘shut up and dribble’ and the league obliged. »

Three LAPD officers face felony charges for falsely labeling people as gang members

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LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County prosecutors have filed dozens of felony charges against three LAPD officers suspected of falsely labeling innocent motorists and pedestrians they stopped as gang members.

In other instances, the defendants allegedly wrote that a person admitted to being a gang member though the person had denied gang affiliation.

Each day's statistics was captured for analysis by LAPD executives, and the sources said officers were told, "the more gang contacts the better.". »

Lady A, the Blues Singer, Responds to Band’s Lawsuit: ‘They Always Knew What They Were Gonna Do’

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In a statement, the band said negotiations broke down after White’s new intellectual property attorneys asked the country trio for $10 million.

Writes Williams, “White says that it was simply a request for the necessary resources to support herself and, perhaps more importantly, the entire Black community.

“We don’t have that luxury or that privilege, so we need somebody to help us and lift us up. »

These Arizona teachers shared a classroom. COVID-19 killed 1 of them.

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Before she tested positive, Byrd and two other teachers taught a summer school class virtually from the same classroom.

The teachers who survived also say Byrd's death is a stark reminder of the risks teachers will face if school reopens too soon.

Usually, teachers put together fun science-based lessons for students, said Angela Skillings, one of the three teachers who tested positive for COVID-19. »