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Saturday July 11st, 2020 morning edition

image for Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone in Case He Long Denounced

In an interview with Fox News this week, he characterized himself as collateral damage in the quest to target Mr. Trump.

“He is aware that the people trying to destroy Michael Flynn, now trying to destroy me, are the people trying to destroy him,” Mr. Stone said.

While it was not clear when the two last spoke before the decision, Mr. Trump called Mr. Stone on Friday to deliver the news of his clemency personally, according to an official briefed on the conversation.

But Mr. Stone is the first figure directly connected to the president’s campaign to benefit from his clemency power.

The debate over clemency for Mr. Stone has raged within the White House for months.

Within the White House, Mr. Stone had few allies.

Many Trump aides who knew him from the campaign did not like him, were envious of his long relationship with Mr. Trump or thought clemency would be bad politics. »

Lady A, the Blues Singer, Responds to Band’s Lawsuit: ‘They Always Knew What They Were Gonna Do’

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In a statement, the band said negotiations broke down after White’s new intellectual property attorneys asked the country trio for $10 million.

Writes Williams, “White says that it was simply a request for the necessary resources to support herself and, perhaps more importantly, the entire Black community.

“We don’t have that luxury or that privilege, so we need somebody to help us and lift us up. »

Did the Texas Legislature Honor the Boston Strangler?

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This compassionate gentleman’s dedication and devotion to his work has enabled the weak and the lonely throughout the nation to achieve and maintain a new degree of concern for their future.

He has been officially recognized by the state of Massachusetts for his noted activities and unconventional techniques involving population control and applied psychology.

(A bit of sardonic humor offered at the time claimed that perhaps Moore was wrong: maybe the legislators had been paying attention.). »

Social Programs Can Sometimes Turn a Profit for Taxpayers

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The government saved money because it would have paid for part of those hospital bills.

The now-adult beneficiaries had more education and earned more money than people in similar situations whose mothers did not get Medicaid benefits.

It’s not surprising that the children of women who had better health care grew up to be healthier adults and higher earners. »