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Thursday July 9th, 2020 morning edition

image for Gladiator 2: The strangest sequel never made?

“He squeezes the bellows of dissent... a little wind... a mere puff... but within it the presage of pandemonium.

Jupiter offers him a deal: if he kills Hephaestus, then he will be reunited with his wife and son in the golden wheat fields of Elysium.

All through Gladiator, Maximus longs to see his family again, so there is a certain logic to a plot which keeps that longing alive, even when the person doing the longing isn’t.

Once you adjust your expectations, you can settle in and enjoy Gladiator 2 for the supernatural quest movie that it is.

Human again, he travels to Rome in search of his son Marius: did I mention that Marius, who was crucified and burnt to death in Gladiator, is alive and kicking in Gladiator 2?. »

Bombshell Report Says Trump Ordered CIA to Share Counterterrorism Intel with Russia ‘Despite No Discernible Reward’

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The Pentagon was confident in early 2018 that the Russians were placing U.S. troops in increased danger by arming Taliban militants.

In response, Trump didn’t just refuse to confront Putin, he “undercut” U.S. officials who raised public concerns and “overtly and repeatedly” embraced Putin.

Then, “behind the scenes,” former intel officials said the president “directed the CIA to share intelligence information on counterterrorism with the Kremlin despite no discernible reward.”. »

Bolsonaro Is Taking Hydroxychloroquine To Treat His Coronavirus

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Bolsonaro is taking controversial malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to treat his Covid-19 case.

The FDA withdrew its emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in June, saying the risk of side effects outweighs possible benefits of taking the drugs to treat Covid-19.

Hydroxychloroquine Knocked Again: WHO Shuts Down Trials For It, HIV Drug As Coronavirus Treatments (Forbes). »

Florida insurance agent fired after mask meltdown at Costco

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A Florida man has been fired from his job as an insurance agent after his videotaped tirade when asked to wear a face mask at a Costco Wholesale store drew a massive audience on social media.

The incident at a Fort Myers Costco occurred June 26, and involved a man later identified by multiple news outlets as Daniel Maples, an insurance agent for Ted Todd Insurance.

The insurance company soon posted its own tweet, disavowing the behavior shown in the videotape and saying the "former employee" had been fired. »

Melania Trump sculpture in Slovenia set on fire on the Fourth of July

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He told Reuters that he had hoped the sculpture of Mrs. Trump would spark conversation about political issues in the U.S., namely regarding immigration.

A statue of first lady Melania Trump in Slovenia was taken down on July 5, 2020, after police found that it had been burned and disfigured.

A wooden structure appearing to mock President Donald Trump near Kamnik, Slovenia, was found burned to the ground in January. »