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Wednesday July 8th, 2020 day edition

image for With new security law, China outlaws global activism

The draconian security law that Beijing forced upon Hong Kong last week contains an article making it illegal for anyone in the world to promote democratic reform for Hong Kong.

Why it matters: China has long sought to crush organized dissent abroad through quiet threats and coercion.

Now it has codified that practice into law — potentially forcing people and companies around the world to choose between speaking freely and ever stepping foot in Hong Kong again.

In other words, every provision of the law applies to everyone outside of Hong Kong — including you.

This means that anyone advocating democracy in Hong Kong, or criticizing the governments in Hong Kong or Beijing, could potentially face consequences if they step foot in Hong Kong, or have assets or family members in Hong Kong.

"For Hong Kong, we have to understand that it is the foreground of a very global fight, authoritarianism versus democracy.".

What to watch: Hong Kong authorities may begin to detain or arrest people of any nationality upon entry to Hong Kong for their actions or speech elsewhere — or even issue extradition requests for major targets. »

San Francisco tech CEO kicked out of Carmel Valley restaurant following racist rant caught on camera

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Tam on July 4th, when a woman confronted them and told them repeatedly they "can't be in this country.".

EMBED >More News Videos A San Francisco man found himself blocked from entering his own apartment complex parking garage by a couple who is caught on camera and later seen what appears to be assaulting a bystander who jumped in to help.

"Lofthouse did not respond to a request for an additional comment about the Instagram posts or his role as Solid8 CEO, a San Francisco-based tech company. »

Trump withdraws US from World Health Organization amid pandemic

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Trump has officially begun to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization as pandemic spikes.

Democrats said the decision was irresponsible and ill-considered, noting it comes as the pandemic is raging and international cooperation is vital to confront the crisis.

More: Trump formally cuts ties with World Health Organization, says he's revoking Hong Kong's trade perks in rift with China. »

Next-gen game upgrades should be free, Xbox tells developers

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Xbox has told developers that they cannot charge players to upgrade their current-gen games to Xbox Series X versions as DLC, as an alternative to its free Smart Delivery scheme.

Theoretically, third-party publishers could also charge for physical game upgrades via their own schemes, such as via retailer promotions.

Xbox developers who don’t support Smart Delivery also have the option of selling two-game ‘cross-gen bundles’, in disc or digital form, which include seperate Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions of a game. »