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Friday July 3rd, 2020 evening edition

image for Midnight Mania! Brendan Schaub contracts COVID-19 after downplaying threat of virus

Thanks to Joe Rogan’s assistance and his own 11-fight career as a UFC Heavyweight, Brendan Schaub has established himself as one of the more broadcasted voices in MMA.

His podcast, “The Fighter And The Kid,” is quite successful, and Schaub has also appeared on Showtime as an analyst and comedian.

Despite his qualifications falling outside the realm of epidemiology, Schaub has nevertheless repeatedly spoken out about the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing about statistics and generally downplaying the entire thing.

There was 600 deaths due to corona — Brendan Schaub (@BrendanSchaub) June 9, 2020.

Nah, I hang around actual statistics too much and not a giant panic bro — Brendan Schaub (@BrendanSchaub) June 9, 2020.

In the clip above, Schaub argues for holding UFC events, “Let’s say all of them got Corona ... worst-case scenario, everyone on the card got Corona.

Schaub recently admitted that he contracted COVID-19, though he believes himself to be “almost 100%” after a three day battle with the virus. »

A devoted brother has dubbed Parasite in English for his sister

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Parasite, as everybody knows by now, is a movi e that’s well worth checking out.

The problem for a YouTuber who goes by OggyOgga is that his sister refused to watch it—not because she, like the American president, is a xenophobic moron, but because she didn’t want to read subtitles.

In order to get rid of this reason, and seeing that no English dub of Parasite has been released yet, OggyOgga decided to take matters into his own hands and put together a full-length voiceover for his sister. »

Oxford Expert Claims Their COVID-19 Vaccine Gives Off Long Term Immunity With Antibodies 3X Higher Than Recovered Patients

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Additionally, she says their experimental vaccine has been found to generate antibody levels of up to three times more than those patients who recovered from COVID-19.

Concerns had been raised lately after patients with other types of coronavirus were able to be reinfected within a year.

Also Read: UK's Second Coronavirus Vaccine That Could Only Cost Less Than $4 Per Dose Will Start Human Trials on Wednesday. »

권민아 “AOA 시절, 다른 멤버가 10년간 괴롭혀, 극단적 시도까지”

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지난해 AOA에서 탈퇴한 권민아가 같은 그룹 멤버에게 괴롭힘을 당했다는 내용의 글을 올려 파장이 예상된다.

허무하고 무너져 내렸다”고 말했다.끝으로 권민아는 “내가 너무 고장이 나있어서 무섭다”며 “나도 내가 태어나고 싶어서 태어난 거 아니지 않나.

예쁘게 안 봐줘도 되고 관심 안 줘도 괜찮으니까 조금만 그냥 내버려둬라”라고 악플러들에게 호소하기도 했다.이를 본 네티즌은 권민아를 괴롭힌 멤버가 지민이라고 추측했다. »

Two officers who allegedly used stun guns on man dozens of times charged with murder

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Two police officers from a small southern Oklahoma town have been charged with second-degree murder after being accused of using their stun guns more than 50 times on a 28-year-old man who died.

Wilson police Officers Joshua Taylor, 26, and Brandon Dingman, 34, were charged Wednesday in the death last year of Jared Lakey, according to court documents.

The agency said that when Lakey wouldn't comply with the officers' commands, they used their stun guns multiple times. »