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Saturday June 27th, 2020 morning edition

image for 'Huge Win': Court Orders DeVos to Cancel Loans for Mass. Students Defrauded by Corinthian Colleges

"Thousands of Massachusetts students cheated by Corinthian have finally had their day in court, and they have won," Healey said in a statement.

"This landmark victory for students will cancel the federal loans for thousands of defrauded borrowers, mostly Black and Latinx students, targeted by a predatory for-profit school and abandoned by Secretary DeVos and the Trump administration.".

Our @MassAGO & @EdDebtJustice took @BetsyDeVosED to court for refusing to discharge defrauded Corinthian students’ loans.

A judge just ordered DeVos to discharge those loans for thousands of MA students.

ED can't escape its obligations under the law by simply writing off the loans of people who happen to sue;.

Contrary to ED's assertions, a federal court may review ED's actions and inactions with respect to borrower defense;.

"Overwhelming" and "uncontradicted" evidence establishes that the plaintiffs and their classmates are entitled to cancel their loans because of Corinthian's flagrant and widespread misconduct; and. »

Brexit: Angela Merkel says Britain must ‘live with the consequences’ of Boris Johnson’s decision to ditch close alignment with EU

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Angela Merkel has said that Britain will have to “live with the consequences” of Boris Johnson’s decision to ditch Theresa May’s plans for close alignment with the European Union after Brexit.

Ms Merkel was speaking just days after the fourth anniversary of the UK’s referendum vote to leave the EU and almost five months after the formal date of Brexit on 31 January.

This compared to a much closer 50-44 split in the same survey around the time of the 2016 referendum. »

Microsoft to permanently close all of its retail stores

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All other Microsoft Store locations across the United States and globally will be closing, and the company will concentrate on digital retail moving forward.

Microsoft says and the Xbox and Windows storefronts reach “up to 1.2 billion monthly customers in 190 markets.”.

Update June 26th 9:50AM ET: The article has been updated to clarify that all Microsoft retail stores will be closing. »

Lawmakers in Canada and Scotland have pointed to the US as an example of failed coronavirus containment

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Several foreign lawmakers have taken jabs at the United States' failed coronavirus containment efforts.

Several foreign lawmakers have pointed to the United States as a failed example of what coronavirus containment is supposed to look like.

In Canada, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is wary of reopening the US-Canada border on July 21 due to the rising cases in multiple US states. »