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Tuesday June 23rd, 2020 night edition

image for Hackers just leaked sensitive files from over 200 police departments that are searchable by badge number

A hacktivist group on Friday published hundreds of gigabytes' worth of potentially sensitive files from police departments across the US in the form of a searchable database that can be sorted by officers' badge numbers.

The files don't provide much information about police misconduct, but they do include emails that appear to show how police departments and the FBI have monitored protests across the US.

The files include police departments exchanging information about the clothes, tattoos, and Twitter handles of people at the protests.

A group of hackers has published hundreds of thousands of files it said were leaked from over 200 police departments and FBI offices across the US, including internal memos, emails, and officers' personal information.

A memo obtained by the security reporter Brian Krebs said hackers compromised Netsential's servers and stole files hosted by fusion centers, or state agencies that facilitate information sharing among police departments.

Other internal memos included in the leak showed police departments exchanging information about specific clothing, signs, and cars of protesters deemed potential threats.

However, the documents don't appear to include much information about specific officers' misconduct or complaints about police departments, which are unlikely to be shared among departments via a fusion center. »

COVID-19 Broke the Economy. What If We Don’t Fix It?

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Proposed recovery and stimulus packages aim to get the economy and employment back to where they were before the pandemic.

But with everything closed or ramped down, what if instead of putting it all back, we kept certain industries closed?

What if, instead of going back to work full-time, we decided to work less, buy less, make less, and not fight to raise GDP at any cost?. »

Johnson and May ignored claims Russia had 'likely hold' over Trump, ex-spy alleges

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Boris Johnson and Theresa May ignored claims the Kremlin had a “likely hold” over Donald Trump and may have covertly funded Brexit, the former spy Christopher Steele alleges in secret evidence given to MPs who drew up the Russia report.

The Russia expert concluded: “A prospective trade deal should never be allowed to eclipse considerations of national security.”.

Downing Street said on Monday it could not comment on the Russia report or its evidence until it was published. »

Richmond police declare unlawful assembly as protesters try to tear down Confederate statue

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Richmond police declare unlawful assembly as protesters try to tear down Confederate statue Protesters tried to pull down the J.E.B. Stuart monument on Sunday night.

Police in Virginia's capital declared an unlawful assembly on Sunday night as anti-racism protesters tried to tear down a Confederate-era monument.

The Richmond Police Department announced the unlawful assembly declaration on Twitter, urging people to "leave the area." »