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Tuesday June 23rd, 2020 evening edition

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Authors quit JK Rowling agency over transgender rights

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Four authors represented by JK Rowling’s literary agency have resigned after accusing the company of declining to issue a public statement of support for transgender rights.

One other author is understood to have also quit the agency but wishes to remain anonymous.

In a joint statement, Fisher, Davies and Jónsdóttir said that following Rowling’s recent intervention on transgender rights, they had asked the agency “to reaffirm their commitment to transgender rights and equality”. »

The faster a country required masks, the fewer coronavirus deaths it had: study

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The main one is that countries that quickly resorted to widespread mask-wearing had far lower death rates and shorter outbreaks, a new study argues.

The authors looked at coronavirus death rates in 198 countries, trying to see why some had painfully high death rates and others very low.

The countries that introduced masks from the very beginning of their outbreak have had hardly any deaths.”. »

‘I’m suffocating’: French delivery driver’s last words echo George Floyd case

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Footage has emerged of 42-year-old Cédric Chouviat saying he could not breathe seven times in 22 seconds as officers pinned him to the ground.

Four police officers are being questioned for “involuntary homicide” over the arrest near the Eiffel Tower in January that echoes the death of George Floyd in the US that has sparked worldwide protests and Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Arié Alimi, another family lawyer, added: “It’s the prone restraint and the chokehold that killed Cédric Chouviat. »