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Monday June 22nd, 2020 night edition

image for Sumo wrestlers eat up to 7,000 calories a day, yet don't typically suffer from symptoms of obesity

Sumo wrestlers eat up to 7,000 calories a day and weigh as much as 400 pounds.

Regular intense exercise prevents the build-up of visceral fat, which causes metabolic and cardiovascular disease.

Sumo wrestlers eat up to 7,000 calories a day and weigh 300 to 400 pounds or two to three times as much as the average adult.

While that may not sound like the healthiest lifestyle, you shouldn't judge a book, or a body, by its cover.

When sumo wrestlers retire, they have to seriously cut calories or they become at risk for cardiovascular disease.

That might explain why retired wrestlers reportedly die an estimated 10 years younger than the average Japanese citizen.

So while the thought of eating 7,000 calories a day might be appealing, you probably shouldn't. »

Kosher lube puts oral sex on the menu for Orthodox Jews

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For the first time, Orthodox Jews can buy sexual lubricants that have been declared kosher.

Orthodox Jews spread all sorts of cosmetics over their bodies without checking they are kosher.

But among Orthodox Jews the significance is clear – 14 years after Rabbi Shmuley Boteach struck a blow for openness by publishing his hit book Kosher Sex this is the first rabbinic innovation to help kosher oral sex. »

‘We are facing extermination’: Brazil losing a generation of indigenous leaders to Covid-19

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The 64-year-old chief of a Xikrin indigenous village in Brazil’s Amazon was plagued by headaches and fatigue and struggled for breath.

But according to his daughter Bekuoi Raquel, he was afraid that if he were admitted to hospital he might never return.

The indigenous organisation Apib has logged at least 332 Covid-19 deaths, and 7,208 coronavirus cases across 110 communities. »

‘The Blues Brothers’ At 40: Why It’s The Rare Successful ‘Saturday Night Live’ Movie

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And though it was a hit, no one would try again for 12 years, with “Wayne’s World,” after which the floodgates opened.

The Lorne Michaels movies that would follow, on the other hand, always feel like television, and for good reason; he’s a television producer.

The few “Saturday Night Live movies” that genuinely work do so because they’re treated as movies – not just extensions of a TV show. »