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Thursday June 11st, 2020 night edition

image for We can no longer ignore the potential of psychedelic drugs to treat depression

I head the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London, the first of its kind, supported by about £3m in philanthropic donations.

Like the present pandemic, a psychedelic drug experiences can be transformative – of the individual – and of society.

Both illuminate the extent to which the condition of the world we inhabit is dependent on our own behaviours.

A few months later, Johns Hopkins University in the US announced a supersized version, floated by $17m.

There hasn’t been a breakthrough in mental healthcare for some time, and psychedelic therapy works very differently to current treatments.

These drugs haven’t changed much since their discovery, and come with side effects that put people off taking them.

If psychedelic therapy does fulfil its potential, it will be providing the same essential lessons. »

Face mask use needed to ‘prevent COVID-19 second wave’

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A modelling study from the universities of Cambridge and Greenwich indicates that lockdowns alone will not stop the resurgence of COVID-19.

In the UK, the approach to face masks should go further than just public transport Prof John Colvin.

According to the study, 100 per cent mask adoption combined with on/off lockdowns prevented any further disease resurgence for the 18 months required for a possible vaccine. »

3M sues Amazon storefront that allegedly sold fake N95 masks for $23 apiece

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The 3M corporation has filed suit against a third-party Amazon seller called KMJ Trading Inc, which allegedly sold more than $350,000 worth of N95 respirator masks, as first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

“I think these are fake N95 Mask, and seller price gouged me 20 times the retail price,” one complaint reads.

3M hasn’t raised its price for N95 masks, and the US supply has been tightly controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. »

B Is for Broke: Why 'Sesame Street' Is Moving to HBO

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Audited financial statements reveal that the organization has operated at a loss in recent years ($11 million in fiscal 2014).

"Without this five-year funding commitment from HBO, we would not have a sustainable funding model that would allow for the continued production of the show," Sesame Workshop CEO Jeff Dunn tells The Hollywood Reporter.

PBS now will air the episodes from HBO for free, to a young audience unconcerned with spoilers or first runs. »

Police Union Boss: 'Stop Treating Us Like Animals and Thugs, and Start Treating Us With Some Respect'

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Mike O'Meara, president of the N.Y. State Police Benevolent Association, said that "everybody's trying to shame us" and added, "stop treating us like animals and thugs, and start treating us with some respect!".

Chauvin is the Minneapolis police officer charged with the murder (2nd degree) of George Floyd on May 25.

“Stop treating us like animals and thugs, and start treating us with some respect!" »