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Thursday June 11st, 2020 evening edition

image for A black Buffalo cop stopped another officer’s chokehold. She was fired.

In 2006, Cariol Horne, a black Buffalo police officer, intervened when a white officer, Gregory Kwiatkowski, had a black suspect, David Mack, in a chokehold.

In 2008, she was fired from the Buffalo Police Department for her intervention in that case and lost her pension.

The Buffalo Police Department investigated the incident and its final report said Horne’s actions put her fellow officers in danger.

“The police department didn’t believe her story, and they punished her severely,” Brenda McDuffie, president and CEO of the Buffalo Urban League, told City & State.

The Buffalo Police Department has been widely criticized since June 4, when 75-year-old protestor Martin Gugino was pushed to the ground by Buffalo police officers.

The Buffalo Police Department has a history of police brutality and racial profiling, and lacks de-escalation training and transparency.

And residents have been asking Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to reform the police department for years. »

Scotland votes to stop US exports of tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields

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The Scottish Parliament has called for the immediate suspension of exports of riot gear, tear gas and rubber bullets to the United States, in light of the police response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

"But our amendment also called for an immediate halt of UK exports of tear gas, rubber bullets, and riots gear to the US.

Comment on the Scottish Parliament vote, Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade said: “This is a welcome and important statement of leadership from the Scottish Parliament. »

Biden: Military will escort Trump out of White House if he loses election and refuses to leave

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Joe Biden said he expects the military to escort President Trump out of the White House should the incumbent lose the 2020 election and refuse to leave.

Biden was later asked if he has considered what would happen if he wins and Trump resists leaving the White House.

Biden then said, "I promise you: I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.". »