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Wednesday June 10th, 2020 evening edition

image for White House goes quiet on coronavirus as outbreak spikes again across the U.S.

The coronavirus task force, which used to send daily updates to state officials, has done so with less regularity over the last several weeks, Plescia said.

Meanwhile, officials in at least 19 states have recorded two-week trends of increasing coronavirus cases, including spikes of more than 200 percent in Arizona and more than 180 percent in Kentucky.

At the Food and Drug Administration, officials are returning to hot-button issues like tobacco and CBD regulations.

Some staff in the health department’s emergency response arm are pivoting away from Covid-19 and back toward natural disasters as hurricane season begins.

That grim message has conflicted with Trump’s frequent vows of victory over the coronavirus.

“We were able to close our country, save millions of lives, open,” Trump said in Friday’s Rose Garden remarks.

“I call upon the American people to remain vigilant in protecting the vulnerable - protect your community, grandparents and loved ones from COVID-19. »

Face mask use needed to ‘prevent COVID-19 second wave’

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A modelling study from the universities of Cambridge and Greenwich indicates that lockdowns alone will not stop the resurgence of COVID-19.

In the UK, the approach to face masks should go further than just public transport Prof John Colvin.

According to the study, 100 per cent mask adoption combined with on/off lockdowns prevented any further disease resurgence for the 18 months required for a possible vaccine. »

The English vegetable picked by candlelight

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There was the outline of gas propane heaters, and a sprinkler system to intensify the heat and humidity in the dark.

It was a riveting exhibition of Mother Nature at work, yet a display teetering on the edge of the surreal.

Come to West Yorkshire during the rhubarb harvest in mid-winter and you can expect to hear tales of this strange agricultural ritual. »

3M sues Amazon storefront that allegedly sold fake N95 masks for $23 apiece

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The 3M corporation has filed suit against a third-party Amazon seller called KMJ Trading Inc, which allegedly sold more than $350,000 worth of N95 respirator masks, as first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

“I think these are fake N95 Mask, and seller price gouged me 20 times the retail price,” one complaint reads.

3M hasn’t raised its price for N95 masks, and the US supply has been tightly controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. »

The wife of a former Putin ally has donated £325,000 to Boris Johnson's Conservatives as he continues to sit on a report into Russian interference

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Johnson is under pressure to release a report into Russian interference that was completed in October.

A Conservative party spokesperson said all donations are "properly and transparently declared" and "comply fully with the law.".

It is therefore untenable for Boris Johnson to further delay the intelligence committee's report into Russian interference of our democracy," he told Business Insider. »