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Sunday June 7th, 2020 evening edition

image for Protesters have been marching for nearly two weeks and crowds have only gotten bigger

(CNN) Massive demonstrations across large US cities -- and small ones too -- have been underway for nearly two weeks and protesters show no signs of slowing down.

Saturday's marches drew some of the largest crowds since the demonstrations began -- especially in the nation's capital.

"Yesterday and last night we saw the very best of our city," de Blasio said.

Mayor de Blasio said Sunday that two NYPD officers were suspended without pay due to their actions while policing protesters.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, an officer was placed on administrative leave after shoving a kneeling protester during a demonstration.

And in Denver, a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order prohibiting the use of "chemical weapons or projectiles of any kind" against peaceful protesters.

Floyd died last month after pleading for his life as ex-Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on the man's neck. »

Troops Could Have Night Vision Injected Into Their Eyes

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If the technology transfers to humans, it could mean doing away with large, cumbersome night vision goggles for troops.

In the near future, U.S. troops could trade in their night vision goggles for a direct eye injection that allows them to see in the dark.

On the other hand, if injectable night vision does work, it means no longer buying expensive night vision goggles. »

US may be violating international law in its response to protesters, UN expert says

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Meanwhile, international human rights advocates observing how the US is handling the protests have said the US may be violating international law in its sometimes violent response.

Related: Former CIA analyst sees parallels between Trump protest response and social unrest abroad.

Marco Werman: Madame Callamard, civil rights groups are now suing the Trump administration for violating the constitutional rights of demonstrators. »

Predator Drone Spotted in Minneapolis During George Floyd Protests

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But one was spotting over Minneapolis this week, during the protests and civil unrest following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.

Predator drones, officially called the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, are often used by the Air Force and CIA, and have been deployed in various U.S. wars, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to, one such drone was spotted in Minneapolis during the protests. »

Black men arrested with weapons at protest while armed white militia men avoid charges in Greensboro

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He went on to say that he and his associates were “all armed with handguns (concealed carry).”.

“There’s no reason an African American should have more expectation of getting arrested at a protest than a white person.

It shows the fundamental contradiction in America’s policing that individuals like Jason Passmore, an armed white militia man, are allowed to show up and flout the law.”. »