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Saturday June 6th, 2020 morning edition

image for Serj Tankian: Some Fans Are Missing the Point of Our Music

Some fans appreciate that they use their platforms, others bash them, commanding them to "just stick to music."

Serj Tankian gets both — but he questions whether the anti-political System of a Down fans have paid attention to their lyrics at all.

The vocalist addressed the matter in an interview on the "Side Jams with Bryan Reesman" podcast.

"I've always explained music like pizza — some people like the crust, some people like the cheese, some people like the topping," Tankian began.

"But what I don't understand, and a lot of other people that follow the music say the same thing," he continued.

"The easiest way to start fixing it is first fixing us — we have to fix us first.".

Tankian and bandmate, drummer John Dolmayan, have both recently spoken out regarding their contrasting views on President Trump. »

Trudeau, thousands march in Ottawa anti-racism protest

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Ottawa’s march is one of multiple events in Canada today, following days of demonstrations against racism and police brutality in numerous American cities.

2:09 George Floyd protests: Justin Trudeau attends anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill George Floyd protests: Justin Trudeau attends anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill.

At one point, the crowd in Ottawa went silent for the time Floyd was held down. »

Al-Qaeda chief in north Africa Abdelmalek Droukdel killed - France

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France says it has killed the leader of al-Qaeda in north Africa, Abdelmalek Droukdel, in an operation in Mali.

Defence Minister Florence Parly said Droukdel along with members of his inner circle had been killed in the north of the country on Wednesday.

French forces had also captured a senior Islamic State group commander in Mali in an operation in May, she said. »

Twitter Pulls Down Trump Campaign Video About George Floyd’s Death Over Copyright-Infringement Claim

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The 3:45-minute video comprises a clip of a Trump speech in which he says Floyd’s death was a “grave tragedy” that “should never have happened.”

The campaign video includes numerous images and video clips, showing memorials to Floyd and crowds of protesters, as well as rioters committing acts of vandalism.

And earlier last year, Twitter pulled down a Trump 2020 campaign video that used parts of the score for the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”. »

NFL players send video telling league 'We will not be silenced'

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A group of NFL players released a powerful video this week calling on the sports league to support black players, call out racism and admit “wrong in silencing our players from peacefully protesting” amid the death of George Floyd.

How many times do we need to ask you to listen to your players?

the group of players said together in a video released Thursday. »