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Thursday June 4th, 2020 night edition

image for Officer accused of pushing teen during protest has 71 use of force cases on file

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Fort Lauderdale police officer who is accused of pushing a 19-year-old woman during a protest over the weekend has 71 use of force cases on his personnel file, Local 10 News learned on Wednesday.

Officer Steven Pohorence, who has since been suspended following Sunday’s incident, has spent nearly four years with the police department.

According to Internal Affairs investigators, there have been at least 51 incidents in which Pohorence has drawn his gun.

His personnel file shows an allegation of unnecessary force and false arrest was made, and in another report, a man accused Pohorence of racially profiling him during a traffic stop.

Cellphone video taken Sunday shows an officer believed to be Pohorence shoving the 19-year-old, who was kneeling on the ground with her hands up.

The evaluation also stated that “He requires little if any supervision, and his self-motivation serves as a role model for others.”.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has opened an investigation into Sunday’s incident involving Pohorence. »

Amazon drops $2 coronavirus pay rise for warehouse workers as CEO Jeff Bezos' fortune nears $150 billion

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This week, Amazon warehouse workers lost a $2 pay bump brought in to reward them for coming in during the coronavirus pandemic.

CEO Jeff Bezos maintains his position as the world's richest person, with his fortune nearing $150 billion.

Several Amazon warehouse workers who spoke with Business Insider said the pay cut wouldn't make much of a difference to their livelihoods. »

Missing Mexican congresswoman's body found a month after abduction

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The body of a missing Mexican congresswoman has been found in a shallow grave more than a month after she was abducted by armed men while raising awareness about the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year more than 100 clandestine cemeteries were found there containing the bodies of those who had dared cross the cartels.

During a 2018 interview Tecomán’s mayor, Elías Lozano, blamed the bloodshed blighting the region on “the lack of honest politicians”. »

Pete Carroll, Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich praise Colin Kaepernick for taking stand against police brutality

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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said "we owe a tremendous amount" to Colin Kaepernick for taking a stand against police brutality and racial oppression in 2016.

"And the whole mission of what the statement was, such a beautiful ... it's still the statement that we're making right today.

The Seahawks were linked to Kaepernick two years ago, when they discussed hosting the free-agent quarterback for a preseason workout. »

Man gets life for lottery ticket scam

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Chinese revellers buy lottery tickets in the hope of winning a car at a temple fair in Beijing January 23, 2004.

A Chinese lottery ticket seller has been jailed for life for fraud for taking advantage of a system flaw to cash 28 million yuan ($3.76 million) in tickets illegally, state media said Tuesday.

Zhao, 36, who ran three lottery stalls in Anshan, “bought” the announced numbers many times over. »