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Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 day edition

image for New York protesters are trapped on the Manhattan Bridge with police waiting on both ends

In New York City, the Manhattan Bridge is full of protesters -- and they're boxed in, with police waiting on both ends of the bridge.

The protesters on the bridge had splintered off from a larger group that had been demonstrating in Brooklyn earlier in the day, said CNN National Correspondent Jason Carroll.

The splinter group tried to make their way to Manhattan -- when they were stopped on the Manhattan Bridge.

Some are now trying to turn back and head back into Brooklyn, but they may not be able to -- there are a number of police officers around the bridge, waiting on both ends, some seen with the white zip ties used to detain protesters.

"Whatever they decide to do, they're going to be met with a vast number of officers who are out here on the streets tonight.".

He pointed to a large bus seen near the bridge.

"If they've (police) got to make arrests, they are prepared. »

Boris Johnson says 3m people in Hong Kong will get path to British citizenship

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Protesters have taken to the streets in Hong Kong to demonstrate , despite coronavirus social distancing restrictions still being in place.

Mr Johnson said the national security law would breach the treaty between China and the UK and would "dramatically erode" Hong Kong's autonomy.

Mr Johnson added: "Many people in Hong Kong fear their way of life, which China pledged to uphold, is under threat. »

Apple Warns Looters With Stolen iPhones: You Are Being Tracked

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Apple, among other high-end retailers, has seen its fair share of attacks and has now taken action to protect staff and prevent further damage.

Apple stores were attacked or damaged in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia, with looters stealing whatever products were accessible at the time.

“If your device goes missing,” Apple says “put it in Lost Mode to lock it immediately and start tracking its location.”. »

There Is a Hidden Epidemic of Doctors Abusing Women in Labor, Doulas Say

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Her son Jack was born healthy and unharmed, but Malatesta suffered severe nerve damage as a result of the assault.

But for one group of people, Malatesta’s story was not shocking, isolated, or even highly unusual — birth doulas.

She says she has seen the same behavior from young doctors, female doctors, midwives, and nurses: It’s happening everywhere. »

A Facebook software engineer publicly resigned in protest over the social network's 'propagation of weaponized hatred'

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The resigning engineer said Facebook was "providing a platform that enables politicians to radicalize individuals and glorify violence.".

A Facebook software engineer in California has publicly resigned over the company's handling of posts from President Donald Trump about the US protests, saying Facebook is "on the wrong side of history.".

On Monday, Timothy Aveni announced on Facebook and LinkedIn that he was leaving the company in protest as numerous Facebook employees launched an unprecedented virtual "walkout" protest to challenge leadership. »