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Monday June 1st, 2020 morning edition

image for George Floyd protesters condemn 'opportunistic' looting and violence

Minneapolis protesters spoke out in interviews, saying looting and violence is not being done in the name of George Floyd.

Protesters in Minneapolis have condemned as “opportunistic” looting and violence taking place in cities across the US, saying it is not being done in the name of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American man who was killed during an arrest this week.

A police officer was charged with murder on Friday but Saturday night again saw widespread violence and unrest.

In Minneapolis, some protesters spoke out in interviews with CNN, footage of which spread swiftly online.

In one interview, a man who did not give his name addressed looters directly, saying: “Something is wrong with you.”.

“I don’t think the looting and rioting is being done in George Floyd’s name,” he said.

From the White House, Donald Trump has tweeted remarks interpreted as threatening protesters and claimed the demonstrations have been taken over by political agitators. »

Killing of unarmed, autistic Palestinian in Jerusalem sparks outrage – Mondoweiss

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Israeli police issued a statement saying that after they “neutralized” the “suspect,” they conducted a body search and found no weapon in his possession.

The junior officer reportedly “suspected [al-Halaq] was a terrorist because he was wearing gloves” — an extremely common occurence here given the coronavirus pandemic.

Demonstrations took place in Jerusalem and Jaffa on Sunday night, with protestors carrying photos of al-Halaq alongside photos of Floyd. »

Italy Is Reopening for Tourism in June, But Not for American Travelers

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But just because parts of the globe have begun the early stages of reopening, doesn't mean we can all hop a flight anytime soon.

Following its strict coronavirus lockdowns, Italy is opening its regional and international borders, in addition to nixing its 14-day quarantine policy for those arriving.

Italy began its phase 2 of its reopening process on May 4, allowing residents to go to parks, and in some cases, work. »