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Friday May 29th, 2020 night edition

image for New York Stores Can Ban Customers For Not Wearing Masks

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a new order that gives store owners the right to ban any customer who enters without wearing a mask.

On Thursday during his COVID-19 briefing, Cuomo announced 74 people died in the last 24 hours from COVID-19.

Cuomo says New York has received $23,840 of federal COVID-19 funding per positive case as opposed to Alaska which received $3,395,739 per COVID-19 case.

Cuomo said he's signing an executive order that allows business owners to deny entrance to anyone who isn't wearing a mask or face covering.

"Today I am signing an Executive Order authorizing businesses to deny entry to those who do not wear masks or face-coverings.

He said 1 million masks will be distributed in parts of New York City hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are working at full tilt to reach these communities, with more testing, more supplies and more outreach," he said. »

If Trump kicks out Twitter, there's always Germany

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BERLIN (Reuters) - If U.S. President Donald Trump goes ahead with his threat to close Twitter, the micro-blogging site can always relocate to Germany.

After Trump threatened to shut down Twitter for advising its users to fact-check his tweets, a senior German official suggested in a light-hearted tweet that the California-based company would be better off in Europe.

But Europe’s largest economy is also keen to establish itself as a hub for tech entrepreneurship and Twitter Inc would be the ultimate catch. »

Donald Trump's move against Twitter factchecking could backfire

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The clause has been described by the lawyer Jeff Kosseff as “The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet”.

According to a draft executive order seen by Reuters, Trump plans to hit back at Twitter by weakening section 230.

But the regulation could backfire, at least in terms of creating the internet Trump desires. »

Premier League to restart on June 17 with Manchester City against Arsenal and Aston Villa against Sheffield United

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The Premier League will return on Wednesday, June 17 – with Manchester City against Arsenal and Aston Villa at home to Sheffield United the opening two fixtures.

A number of key Project Restart issues were discussed and a vote on them has been set for June 4.

“Today we have provisionally agreed to resume the Premier League on Wednesday June 17,” Premier League chief executive Richard Masters confirmed. »

Regulation by Shaming: Deterrence Effects of Publicizing Violations of Workplace Safety and Health Laws

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In 2009, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) began issuing press releases about facilities that violated safety and health regulations.

Using quasi-random variation arising from a cutoff rule OSHA followed, I find that publicizing a facility's violations led other facilities to substantially improve their compliance and experience fewer occupational injuries.

OSHA would need to conduct 210 additional inspections to achieve the same improvement in compliance as achieved with a single press release. »