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Sunday May 24th, 2020 morning edition

image for Somehow This Wild Hoax Bill Gates Anti-Vaxx Video Doesn't Violate YouTube's Policies

A bonkers hoax video about Bill Gates has been making the rounds on social media — and it’s setting the anti-vaxx conspiracy world on fire.

The video claims to show Gates briefing the CIA in 2005 about a vaccine to immunize religious fanatics.

The video, which is obviously faked, is getting gobbled up by online conspiracy theorists who’ve latched onto the Microsoft co-founder as the mastermind behind the coronavirus pandemic.

One version of the video had amassed close to 37,000 views in just a few days.

The pixelated video shows a man who looks vaguely like Gates (but sounds nothing like him) giving a presentation to an audience of about six people.

While the Gates video isn’t specifically about coronavirus, it’s being shared to bolster unscientific claims about the origin of the virus.

Cover: Screenshot of a fabricated Bill Gates video. »

The surprising reason why Converse sneakers have fuzzy bottoms

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The felt soles on the bottoms of the All Stars — and other imported soles — are a perfect example of "tariff engineering," explains the patent blog

Translation: The outsourced soles are specially designed to fetch a lower US import tax.

When you sell in the volume that Converse does, this adds up to a significant amount of savings. »

Brutal beating in Iowa should be investigated as hate crime, NAACP says

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Authorities in Iowa are investigating the alleged beating of a black man who local civil rights activists say appears to be the victim of a hate crime.

"Why did it have to go this far, to where my life was almost taken?"

The men caught up with Jones, Middlebrooks said, dragging him to a creek and shoving his head underwater. »

Trump heads to golf course as US coronavirus death toll nears 100,000

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As coronavirus infections in the country reached 1.6m and the number of deaths passed 96,000, the president made his way to the Trump National Golf Club at Sterling, Virginia.

One longtime correspondent said it was the president’s “185th golf outing spanning all or part of 247 days”.

Reports said the outing on Saturday lunchtime was the president’s first golf trip since 8 March, when he visited his club in West Palm Beach, Florida. »

Roughly half the Twitter accounts pushing to 'reopen America' are bots, researchers found

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The researchers analyzed over 200 million tweets discussing COVID-19 and found that roughly half the accounts were likely bots.

It's unclear who's behind the surge in bot activity or whether they're originating from the US or abroad.

The researchers identified bots using artificial-intelligence systems that analyze accounts' frequency of tweets, number of followers, and apparent location. »