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Thursday May 21st, 2020 day edition

image for Video shows Costco worker calmly handle customer berating him over mask policy

A Costco employee is being lauded online for his handling of an encounter with a customer who recorded himself berating the worker and refusing to wear a mask.

Costco requires every employee and customer in its stores to wear masks that cover the mouth and the nose to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

I work for Costco and I'm asking this member to put on a mask because that is our company policy.

"So either wear the mask," the employee starts to say before the customer briefly turns the camera on himself and says: "And I'm not doing it.

The customer asks the employee whether he is going to take his cart full of toilet paper, detergent and other items away.

The customer can be heard telling a woman beside him wearing a mask that he will give her his Costco membership card.

Costco's president and CEO, Craig Jelinek, explains the warehouse chain's mask policy in a letter addressed to members posted on the company's website. »

Cycling to work 'can cut risk of heart disease and cancer by a quarter'

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A major study tracking more than 300,000 commuters has revealed that cycling to work can cut the risk of dying early from illnesses such as heart disease and cancer by up to 24 per cent.

He said the study demonstrates a large increase in active commutes would have significant positive health impacts nationwide.

It found that those who cycled to work saw an overall 20 per cent reduced rate of early death during the period, compared with drivers. »

Zack Snyder Will Release the ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘Justice League’ on HBO Max

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The mythical, unreleased version of the 2017 superhero film “Justice League” will finally see the light of day on Warner Media’s HBO Max in 2021.

Director Zack Snyder announced the news on a live Q&A Wednesday, following a virtual screening of his Henry Cavill-led Superman film “Man of Steel.”.

Snyder completed the majority of work on “Justice League” in 2016, but stepped away from post-production and editing in light of a family tragedy. »

Former White House employee who served 11 presidents dies of coronavirus at 91

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A former White House butler who served 11 different presidents died at the age of 91 after contracting the coronavirus, his granddaughter told Fox 5 DC.

Garrett said her grandfather fostered relationships at the White House that helped him advance his position.

ET): An earlier version of this article misstated the relationship of the person who confirmed the butler’s death. »

Trump Is Treating Michigan the Way He Treated Ukraine. Well Done, Senate Republicans

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After Trump was impeached, Democrats issued similar warnings to the Senate Republicans voting on whether to remove him from office.

But Senate Republicans did indeed deem it acceptable, many of them arguing that Trump having to endure the impeachment process was punishment enough.

Three months later, the lesson appears to be that that even if Trump flagrantly abuses his office, Senate Republicans will vote to protect him. »