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Wednesday May 20th, 2020 night edition

image for Trump is refusing to unveil Obama's portrait at the White House, breaking a 40-year tradition

President Donald Trump will not hold a ceremony at the White House for the unveiling of former President Barack Obama's portrait, NBC News reported.

Trump and Obama have had an extraordinarily contentious relationship, which hit a new low in recent days as Trump made unfounded accusations that his predecessor committed an unspecified crime.

President Donald Trump won't be unveiling former President Barack Obama's portrait at the White House, breaking a 40-year tradition, NBC News reported on Tuesday.

Obama would also not be interested in attending such an event, according to the report, which cited people familiar with the matter.

The White House and a representative for Obama did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider.

For decades, first-term presidents have held ceremonies in the East Room to unveil the portraits of their immediate predecessors.

Trump and Obama have perhaps the most contentious relationship of any current and former presidents in modern US history. »

'Obamagate' backfires: Documents show Biden, Obama acted properly

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The recently disclosed files show the Obama administration’s diligence and focus in the wake of Russia’s sweeping assault on American democracy.

But the evidence is abundantly clear: Obama — unlike Trump — was adamant about staying out of the FBI’s investigation into Flynn.

Trump’s future acting attorney general remembered then-President Obama saying that he “did not want any additional information” on Flynn’s case. »

Hockey Is Not for Everyone

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My parents and brother had sacrificed their time, their ambitions, to help me succeed in hockey and get me to the OHL.

The NHL shoved their LGBTQ and “Hockey is For Everyone” support programs into the same month as black history month. »

New study finds authoritarian personality traits are associated with belief in determinism

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New research published in the Journal of Research in Personality provides evidence that belief in determinism plays an important role in right-wing authoritarianism.

The authors of the new study were interested in empirically testing the idea.

The study, ““Escape from Freedom”: Authoritarianism-related traits, political ideology, personality, and belief in free will/determinism“, was authored by Thomas H. Costello, Shauna M. Bowes, and Scott O. Lilienfeld. »