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Wednesday May 20th, 2020 evening edition

image for Organ donation law in England

Organ donation in England has moved to an 'opt out' system.

You may also hear it referred to as 'Max and Keira's Law'.

This means that all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups.

Your family will still be approached and your faith, beliefs and culture will continue to be respected.

You still have a choice whether or not you wish to become a donor.

Get the facts about organ donation to help you decide. »

High COVID-19 Attack Rate Among Attendees at Events at a Church — Arkansas, March 2020

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The two cases occurred in a husband and wife; the husband is the pastor at a local church (church A).

Including the index cases, 35 confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred among 92 (38%) persons who attended events held at church A during March 6–11; three patients died.

The age-specific attack rates among persons aged ≤18 years, 19–64 years, and ≥65 years were 6.3%, 59.4%, and 50.0%, respectively. »

'We've been muzzled': CDC sources say White House putting politics ahead of science

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In interviews with CNN, CDC officials say their agency's efforts to mount a coordinated response to the Covid-19 pandemic have been hamstrung by a White House whose decisions are driven by politics rather than science.

Sources say the origin of the trust issues between the CDC and White House traces back to the CDC's botched effort to distribute testing in early February, when contamination in the lab led to long delays.

A CDC employee said an overarching concern is that the agency's scientific work is taking a back seat to politics. »

In-N-Out burger pop-up restaurants in Australia: Here’s why

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It’s a strategy that’s being tested in the courts right now where In-N-Out is suing Australian-owned Hashtag Burgers, which runs Down N’ Out burger restaurants in Sydney.

The American chain wants the Australian restaurants to stop using the Down N’ Out moniker, claiming it is trying to “mimic” In-N-Out’s business.

Representatives from In-N-Out told they have no plans to bring the chain to Australia. »

A 10-year-old girl has sent more than 1,500 art kits to kids in foster care and homeless shelters during the coronavirus pandemic

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Chelsea Phaire, a 10-year-old from Danbury, Connecticut, has sent more than 1,500 children in homeless shelters and foster care homes art kits to give them something uplifting to do when they're feeling down.

After her birthday party, Chelsea used the donations to send out her first 40 art kits to a homeless shelter in New York.

In just the first five months, Chelsea and her mom sent out nearly 1,000 kits to children in homeless shelters, foster care homes, women's shelters, and schools impacted by gun violence. »