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Monday May 11st, 2020 morning edition

image for Justin Trudeau warns if Canada opens too early, the country could be sent 'back into confinement'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that the country could be sent "back into confinement this summer" if businesses reopen too quickly.

"We are still in the emergency phase," Trudeau said at a briefing Saturday.

"The vast majority of Canadians continue to need to be very careful.".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that if provinces reopen too quickly, a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic could send the country "back into confinement this summer," Reuters reported.

"We are still in the emergency phase," Trudeau said, according to Reuters.

Canada is not alone in weighing the crushing economic impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic against the safety of reopening.

The country saw a record-breaking loss of 2 million jobs in April as the number of cases spiked from more than 9,500 to 54,000. »

Bill Gates Thinks That The 1% Should Foot The Bill To Combat Climate Change

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Spread the love. 115.9K. Bill Gates believes that private investors should foot the bill for increased spending on technologies to fight global climate change .

Bill Gates is on a worldwide lobbying campaign to press humanity to innovate their solution of global climate change , making the transition to new types of energy.

Gates believes that we could stimulate ingenuity to combat global climate change by dramatically increasing spending on research and development. »

TIL In the USA, if you receive merchandise that you never ordered, be it unsolicited or in excess of an order, you have the legal right to keep the merchandise as a free gift. Furthermore, you have no legal obligation to notify the seller.

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What do you do when you receive merchandise that you didn’t order?

Here are some questions and answers about dealing with unordered merchandise.

If you receive merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. »

CEOs Were Asked to Remove Masks Before Meeting With Mike Pence in Iowa

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Pence refused to wear a mask at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, claiming it wasn’t necessary because he was tested regularly.

Pence didn’t wear a mask during his events in Iowa that were intended to encourage economies to start returning to normal.

Before the event in which the executives were asked to remove their masks, staffers wearing gloves and masks took the temperature of people who entered the building. »

Trump tweets more than 100 times in one day as coronavirus death toll nears 80,000

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The president appeared to spend much of his day on Twitter, even as the death toll from the coronavirus neared 80,000 and White House officials issued dire warnings about the state of the US economy.

The 100 tweets Mr Trump sent on Sunday did not quite reach his record since taking office of 142 — which was set during impeachment proceedings in January.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr Trump tweeted that he was “getting great marks” for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the US having the highest death toll in the world. »