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Saturday May 2nd, 2020 night edition

image for DeVos sued for seizing student loan borrowers' wages during pandemic

The department estimated some 285,000 people had their wages garnished between March 13 and March 26, according to The Post.

"Payments we receive via garnished wages will be immediately processed for refund, and the employer will be contacted again to ensure the guidance to stop garnishing wages is understood.

The Department relies on employers to stop garnishing wages, but is taking every measure to contact employers and refund garnished wages to borrowers until Sept. 30, 2020.".

Department officials have previously said they plan to refund all wages seized by the government since March 13, when Trump declared a national emergency because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Returning the money several months from now is not acceptable,” said Persis Yu, who directs the National Consumer Law Center’s Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project.

Alex Elson, senior counsel at Student Defense, said that DeVos broke the promise she made to stop wage garnishments in March.

“What does it mean that the government has this really incredible tool to garnish wages and they can’t turn it off? »

Trudeau announces Canada is banning assault-style weapons

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Canada has banned assault-style weapons following the murder of 22 people in the worst mass shooting in the country’s history, Justin Trudeau announced on Friday.

There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada,” said the prime minister.

“Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country.”. »

Coronavirus homeschooling: 77 percent of parents agree teachers should be paid more after teaching own kids, study says

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Good teachers change lives for the better – and nearly 80 percent of parents agree that educators deserve a major raise, after taking charge of their children’s schooling at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, a new study claims.

From preschool to college, learning has gone virtual amid the global COVID-19 outbreak and transformed parents of young children into part-time teachers practically overnight.

And in a new study of 2,000 parents of school-aged children, seven out of 10 polled admitted that this new assignment is more challenging than their full-time job. »

'The Last Dance' surpasses 'Tiger King' as most popular documentary series of 2020

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Now, just two weeks and four episodes into the documentary series, the numbers are backing that up.

Through the first quarter of 2020, "The Last Dance" has already been established as the most-watched documentary series in ESPN's history.

Considering the type of following that the series has established, this could be one of the most popular documentary series of all-time by the time the finale airs later in May. »