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Friday May 1st, 2020 evening edition

image for Xiaomi Devices Found Tracking And Recording Browsing Data Of Millions

Xiaomi has been tracking and recording an insane amount of private data, from user’s phone habits to queries in the Xiaomi’s default browsers.

Xiaomi, in response, confirmed that it collects browsing data.

However, the company says the data sent is anonymized, and users have consented to the data tracking.

The researcher, however, was able to prove that Xiaomi is recording Incognito mode data as well.

When shown with proof, Xiaomi said, “collection of anonymous browsing data, is one of the most common solutions adopted by internet companies.”.

Other than the browser data, Cirlig also noticed monitoring in Xiaomi apps and his touches on every screen.

While Xiaomi validated the findings, it claimed that the data collected by Sensors Analytics remains anonymous and is stored on Xiaomi’s personal servers. »

Maryland governor says coronavirus tests acquired from South Korea under guard at undisclosed location

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said Thursday that thousands of coronavirus tests obtained by the state from South Korea are currently protected in an undisclosed location by the Maryland National Guard.

Maryland @GovLarryHogan on whether he was concerned that the federal government would seize the tests the state procured from South Korea.

He says the tests are being guarded by the National Guard at an undisclosed location. »

Dorothy Thompson, the Journalist Who Warned the World About Adolf Hitler

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As a crusading journalist, Dorothy Thompson made plenty of enemies—but her most formidable foe was Adolf Hitler.

Her efforts made her one of the most famous women in the United States—and the first American correspondent Hitler expelled from Germany.

When Thompson was just 7 years old, her mother died of sepsis rumored to have been brought on by a botched abortion. »

Erling Haaland finally responds to Neymar mocking his meditation pose

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Erling Haaland has dismissed Neymar’s attempt to mock him and thanked the Brazilian superstar and his Paris Saint-Germain team-mates for bringing attention to meditation.

The fake Snapchat picture riled Neymar and the forward mocked Haaland by copying his now famous ‘zen’ celebration.

PSG stars did the pose during and after the game and were heavily criticised for making fun of the 19-year-old. »