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Thursday April 30th, 2020 night edition

image for Saw a post here about using cushions to sit with your villagers. Tried it out with Sherb today and I think he was happy I came to sit with him! : AnimalCrossing


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Some Galaxy S20 Ultra Owners Report Abrupt Camera Bump Cracks

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A number of Galaxy S20 Ultra buyers have reported that the glass of their phones’ huge camera bump has cracked abruptly.

Since launch, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has been found to suffer a range of flaws.

Some users have reported a green tint on their screens, a bug prevents the camera from auto-focusing properly, and more. »

Pakistan's virus-idled workers hired to plant trees

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Most of us daily wagers couldn't earn a living," Rahman, a resident of Rawalpindi district in Punjab province, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

He now makes 500 rupees ($3) a day planting trees - about half of what he might have made on a good day, but enough to get by.

For Aslam, the green jobs initiative is a way to help Pakistan's workers recover from the coronavirus crisis "with dignity and avoiding handouts". »

UN chief: don’t use taxpayer cash to rescue carbon-intensive industries

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Governments should not use taxpayer cash to rescue fossil fuel companies and carbon-intensive industries, but should devote economic rescue packages for the coronavirus crisis to businesses that cut greenhouse gas emissions and create green jobs, the UN secretary general has urged.

Many countries are planning big investments in fossil fuel industries as part of their economic rescue packages.

In China, subsidies for fossil fuel vehicles and the easing of permits for coalmining are also likely to raise emissions. »