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Sunday April 26th, 2020 evening edition

image for The Union Effect in California #1: Wages, Benefits, and Use of Public Safety Net Programs

Unions have historically played a role in improving wages and benefits by enabling workers to join together to negotiate with employers.

Overall, we estimate that unions increase workers’ earnings in California by $18.5 billion annually through collective bargaining.

Unions increase the likelihood that a worker will receive employer-sponsored health insurance by 37.2 percent, compared to non-union workers with similar demographic characteristics and working in similar industries.

Unions increase the likelihood a worker will be offered a retirement plan on the job by 51.5 percent, compared to non-union workers with similar demographic characteristics and working in similar industries.

By organizing and bargaining collectively, union workers are able to significantly improve their wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Union workers have higher average earnings than non-union workers.

Union workers are more likely than non-union workers to be offered retirement benefits by their employer. »

9 Reasons Behind Parrot Self-Mutilation

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The basis of this blog post will revolve around ground-breaking brain chemistry and brain development research that effects hand-reared parrots.

Keep in mind that there are numerous theories and treatment recommendations behind feather plucking and parrot self-mutilation all over the internet.

Parrots are just as social as you and I and the concepts of this theory apply to them, too. »

Bericht über chinesische Einflussversuche wegen Coronavirus-Management

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Die Kontaktaufnahmen durch chinesische Diplomaten seien mit dem Zweck erfolgt, positive öffentliche Äußerungen über das Coronavirus-Management der Volksrepublik zu bewirken.

Zugleich betonte die Bundesregierung, Aufforderungen zu einer betont positiven Sichtweise auf die Rolle Chinas nicht nachgekommen zu sein.

Weiter hieß es, im Rahmen einer umfassenden strategischen Partnerschaft gebe es zu zahlreichen Themen einen regelmäßigen Austausch mit chinesischen Diplomaten. »

Hungary prepares to end legal recognition of trans people

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Trans people and rights activists say the law, which has been introduced into parliament as attention is focused on the coronavirus pandemic, will increase discrimination and intolerance towards trans people.

Parliament is still sitting, but instead of focusing on fighting coronavirus, it is dealing with issues such as the new trans legislation.

“I cannot change my legal name to anything that doesn’t give me away as a trans person,” said Ördög. »