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Thursday April 23rd, 2020 morning edition

image for People Are Finally Starting to See the Real Ellen DeGeneres and It Isn’t Pretty

As America’s preeminent lesbian daytime talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres has attained a somewhat unlikely arena of ubiquity in mainstream entertainment culture.

But in the past year, there is evidence emerging that the tinge of mean-spiritedness that comes through in DeGeneres’ interviews and segments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show are consistent with a rumored behind-the-scenes demeanor.

DeGeneres’ comedy and sitcom career famously came to a halt when, in 1997, she used an episode of her show, Ellen, to come out.

Even Laura Dern, who played her love interest in the episode, reportedly couldn’t get a job for years afterward.

Of course, both women have since seen comebacks that have catapulted them to stardom and riches, but Ellen has more recently received a kind of countercultural check.

There have been rumor mills in the comedy and TV worlds about DeGeneres’ meanness for years.

The more Ellen can perform a kind of proximity to regular people on her show, the more she can attract their attention. »