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Sunday April 19th, 2020 night edition

image for New Jersey landlord waives 3 months of rent for tenants: 'It's just good business for us'

A New Jersey landlord joined “Fox & Friends First” Friday to discuss why he waived rent payments for his tenants for three months during the coronavirus outbreak.

“For us, it’s just good business practice,” said David Placek.

Placek went on to say, “We’re believers that if you invest in the community and you’re good community stewards, that is going to be good for you as a property owner and property investor.”.


Placek decided to waive rent for April, May and June as the global pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the health and the economic security of many Americans.

The landlord, who owns 12 rental units in Montclair, will be forgoing more than $50,000 in rent for the three months, ABC7 reported.

Placek said that forgoing more than $50,000 in rent payments from tenants was an easy decision to make. »

Basing self-worth on financial success leads to greater feelings of isolation and loneliness, study finds

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This new study, published recently in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, is an attempt to answer that research gap.

“However, … Gatsby is described at one of these parties as standing by himself, away from his guests.

In his quest to prove how financially well off he was, Gatsby in the end stood alone and emotionally separate from others.”. »

EE warns of ‘risk to human life’ as 53 masts now attacked by ‘mindless’ 5G conspiracy theory arsonists

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It comes as arsonists who falsely believe 5G caused coronavirus have attacked 53 network towers across the country.

The 60-year-old host has now insisted he doesn't believe the theory that 5G has caused coronavirus is valid, and was simply "looking for answers".

Crackpot arsonists have torched a number of 5G phone masts in the UK in response to online conspiracy theories. »