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Saturday April 18th, 2020 evening edition

image for If Trump Thinks It’s Safe for His Followers to Gather at Protests, Why Doesn’t He Attend One?

Did I safely avoid it while doing my job?#COVID19 — Glen Stubbe (@gspphoto) April 17, 2020.

Hundreds of the president’s supporters also crowded together in Brookfield, Wisconsin on Saturday, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The people protesting stay-at-home order in #Lansing right now are mostly white, wearing Trump hats, and flying Confederate flags.

The few dozen Trump supporters who gathered outside Virginia’s Executive Mansion on Thursday held signs with slogans like, “Stop the madness.

One man in a red Make America Great Again cap told The Washington Post the virus was a “hoax.”.

Incredible photo of an anti-lockdown protest outside the statehouse in Ohio by @joshuabickel. — Seth Hettena (@seth_hettena) April 15, 2020.

Going to do a thread of some photos from #OperationGridlock — Matt Schmucker (@mtschmucker) April 15, 2020. »

Amazing Acacias - a clever species of trees

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Acacias can grow as trees and shrubs, but the most classic acacia trees seen on safari include the umbrella tree, whistling thorn, wait-a-bit acacia and the yellow fever tree.

One interesting fact is that when browsed on by, for example giraffes, some acacia trees release a toxin known as tannin.

A zoologist from South Africa, Wouter Van Hoven found that acacia trees also have another chemical defense system, whereby they release a chemical called ethylene. »

15 Hong Kong pro-democracy figures arrested in latest police round up

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Pro-government group Defend Hong Kong also gathered outside Cheung Sha Wan police station to celebrate the arrests as they quarrelled with pro-democracy groups.

He is among the 15 pro-democracy figures being arrested today. — Democratic Party 民主黨 (@HKDemocrats) April 18, 2020.

“And now the Hong Kong government, led by Carrie Lam, has tried very hard to introduce a reign of terror in Hong Kong.”. »

It's Possible To Cut Cropland Use in Half and Produce the Same Amount of Food, Says New Study

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"Now we are confident that we stand on the peak of cropland use, gazing at a wide expanse of land that will be spared for nature," the authors concluded.

It is worth noting that according to Food and Agricultural Organization data, cropland has not yet topped out, but agricultural land which includes pastures peaked back in 2000.

In addition, possible shifts in consumption toward alternative protein sources such as plant-based "meats" or cultured meats are not considered. »