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Friday April 17th, 2020 day edition

image for ‘Ellen’ Crew Furious Over Poor Communication Regarding Pay, Non-Union Workers During Coronavirus Shutdown (EXCLUSIVE)

Higher-ups in production would occasionally answer phone calls but reveal little, added one of the sources.

The crew was further incensed by the show’s recent hire of an outside, non-union tech company to help DeGeneres tape remotely from her home in California.

The studio reiterated the crew has been paid consistently, though at reduced hours.

Radio silence from producers created anxiety among crew members who feared they would be furloughed and, in that case, would need to explore unemployment benefits.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson acknowledged that communication could have been better, but cited complications due to the chaos caused by COVID-19.

As of April 10, crew was told to expect a reduced compensation of two, 8-hour work days per week.

Confounded, the “Ellen” crew sought information from colleagues on similar shows, many of whom had opposite experiences from theirs, said sources. »

Doublelift’s contract is reportedly up for sale, will likely be traded before Summer Split

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The contract for Team Liquid’s superstar AD carry Doublelift is now up for sale and the talented ADC is likely to be traded before the start of next season, Travis Gafford reported today, citing multiple team sources.

This news was relatively unexpected since the 26-year-old has been the best ADC in the region for many years.

Doublelift’s contract ends in six months, Gafford said, which makes the timing a lot more unusual. »

Legislation proposes paying Americans $2,000 a month

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Even as millions of Americans wait for stimulus checks, a proposal is being floated to pay them even more.

“Americans need sustained cash infusions for the duration of this crisis in order to come out on the other side alive, healthy and ready to get back to work.”.

The $2 trillion measure passed last month contained billions in financial aid for people and businesses hurt by the outbreak. »

16 Hardcore Facts About 'Full Metal Jacket'

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In addition to the weight gain, D'Onofrio also shaved his head for the role, and was surprised by how much it affected him.

''Women didn't look at me; most of the time I was looking at their backs as they were running away.

To this day, it's the most weight any actor has ever gained for a movie role. »

Number of coronavirus cases in Brazil is 15 times higher than official data, researchers point out – National

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The number of cases of the new coronavirus in Brazil is 15 times higher than official figures, according to researchers who estimate that contagions 300,000 people and fear an catastrophe in the next weeks.

In Brazil, the proportion is 296 people evaluated per million, an insignificant figure compared to Germany (15,730), France (5,114) and Iran (3,421).

, member of the COVID-19 Brazil group and head of the Health Intelligence Laboratory (LIS) at the University of São Paulo (USP). »