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Thursday April 9th, 2020 day edition

image for Report: LTE Cell Signal, COVID-19 and Remote Work

Over 10 million US employees working from home due to COVID-19 suffer from poor cell signal coverage and daily Internet connectivity issues at home In our survey, 15.5% of Americans said they had issues with Internet connectivity daily.

12.5% of respondents reported experiencing bad or very bad cell signal reception in their home.

The pandemic is having a huge impact on the daily lives of millions of Americans, forcing many to “shelter in place.”.

This has affected our business directly: we’ve seen a 200% increase in demand for cell signal boosters.

We wanted to understand exactly what kinds of issues employees are experiencing with Internet connectivity now that they’re working remotely.

We wanted to find out exactly what percentage of users are experiencing issues with Internet connectivity while working from home.

At Waveform, we pride ourselves on writing the most detailed, technical guides on everything related to improving cell signal. »

The Lack Of Racial Diversity In ‘Tiger King’ On Netflix Is Happily Welcomed By Black Folks

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Watching Tiger King, I just want to point that there don't seem to be any Black people a part of this wild shit.

Even though it is a series documenting reality, it still could mark the first time in modern history when a lack of racial diversity on a TV show was actually readily welcomed by Black people.

Black People: 1st two episodes of Tiger King- What in the trailer park hell is this?!?! »

Anthony Fauci calls out “extraordinary stigma” gays face while standing right in front of Mike Pence

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He made the comments while standing right in front of Mike Pence, one of the U.S.’s best known sources of anti-gay stigma.

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Fauci was talking about how coronavirus will affect certain disadvantaged communities more than the general population, particularly African Americans. »

Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 race, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination

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"Few would deny that over the course of the past five years, our movement has won the ideological struggle," Sanders said on Wednesday.

By the end of the 2016 race, Sanders emerged as one of the most influential figures in Democratic politics.

Supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders cheer during a rally at Houston University in Houston, Texas on February 23, 2020. »