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Saturday April 4th, 2020 day edition

image for Doug Ford says Ontario is making N96 masks which will be better than N95

We're getting an even cooler mask, according to Ontario Premier Doug Ford: The N96.

3M pushed back against the president's widely-criticized order, stating that such a move would carry with it "significant humanitarian implications.".

I'm going to be calling the president after this to ask where we stand on those orders," stated Ford on Friday.

I cheered when @fordnation Doug Ford announced that Woodbridge would soon be producing N96 masks (superior to the N95) in Ontario in the millions soon.

Premier @fordnation says Ontario is getting something better than the N95 mask: the N96.

Premier Ford is confident in Ontario's talent pool and its ability to start pumping out these new masks, whatever they're like, within weeks. »

US blocks medical aid to Cuba in show of ‘wild west brutality’

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Washington was accused of acting with “Wild West brutality,” using the Covid-19 outbreak as an opportunity to “strangle the Cuban Revolution.”.

The supplies were destined for 24 countries in the region including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Peru.

Sign the petition calling for the US blockade of Cuba to be lifted here »

Disney Pulls 'Artemis Fowl' From Theaters, Will Debut on Disney+

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Disney has pulled its upcoming adaption of “Artemis Fowl” from its theatrical release and will now debut the movie exclusively on its Disney+ streaming service.

It is unclear when the film will become available on Disney+, but it will be sometime in the summer.

On Friday, Disney also set new dates for several other films, including “Mulan,” “Jungle Cruise” and “Black Widow.” »

Walking through my flower field! : AnimalCrossing

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