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Thursday April 2nd, 2020 morning edition

image for There is no greater illustration of corporate America’s moral decay than Amazon | Ross Barkan

Chris Smalls, an assistant manager and organizer, had led a walkout demanding Amazon temporarily shut the facility for cleaning after multiple workers tested positive for Covid-19.

Amazon claimed Smalls was dismissed because he had close contact with a worker diagnosed with Covid-19 but refused to stay home for 14 days.

Smalls, however, claimed Amazon did not send him home until 28 March, three weeks after the exposure.

For a corporation as virulently anti-union as Amazon, workers like Smalls are particularly dangerous: they are the future leaders of a labor movement.

There is no greater illustration of the moral decay of 21st-century corporate America than Amazon.

An America without guaranteed sick leave and universal healthcare is particularly ill-equipped to protect its inhabitants during a pandemic.

Into this void steps Amazon, a corporation that cares even less about the fates of those who serve it. »

Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold at least $18 million more in stocks before the coronavirus crash than previously reported

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Intercontinental Exchange operates global exchanges for several financial and commodity markets — and since Loeffler made her first sale, its stock has fallen by 16 percent.

And as Loeffler and Sprecher made those sales, a number of stocks added to their portfolio have seen gains as the Covid-19 crisis deepens.

For instance, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) introduced wide-ranging anti-corruption legislation in 2018 that would have banned lawmakers from owning individual stocks altogether. »

Internet Archive responds: Why we released the National Emergency Library

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Right now, today, there are 650 million books that tax-paying citizens have paid to access that are sitting on shelves in closed libraries, inaccessible to them.

And so, to meet this unprecedented need at a scale never before seen, we suspended waitlists on our lending collection.

Further, there are approximately 650 million books in public libraries that are locked away and inaccessible during closures related to COVID-19. »

Study shows that negative emotions, such as fear, distress, and guilt, can lead to procrastination – Solving Procrastination

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The first survey measured their daily affect, using the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS), which measures the following:.

Negative affect, which involves negative feelings and emotions, described through key terms such as “distressed”, “upset”, “guilty”, “scared”, and “nervous”.

Using a cross-lag model, which evaluates the relationship between affect and procrastination, the researchers found that current-day negative affect is a significant predictor of next-day procrastination. »