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Wednesday April 1st, 2020 evening edition

image for Zoom sued for allegedly sharing users' personal data with Facebook

Zoom also is being sued in California for allegedly giving users' personal data to outside companies including Facebook without fully informing customers that's the case.

Zoom's software reported to Facebook whenever a Zoom user logged on for a conference call, a lawsuit filed Monday stated.

"This information is sent to Facebook by Zoom regardless of whether the user has an account with Facebook.".

Zoom officials acknowledged its data sharing in blog posts and said they have changed the practice.

CEO Eric Yuan said company officials "were made aware" of Facebook data sharing last week, after a news report from Vice Media detailed the practice.

Yuan said the sharing began after Zoom gave users the option of logging on via a Facebook Software Development Kit, or SDK.

The lawsuit also states Zoom was paid for sharing user data, although court documents don't disclose how much money Zoom allegedly received. »

Pentagon says it still hasn't sent ventilators because it hasn't been told where to send them

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In order to ship the badly needed equipment, the Defense Department has to be given a location to send them by civilian authorities who have to decide where the items are most needed.

And I won't speak on behalf of them, but we were in a position to provide 2,000," said Lt. General Giovanni Tuck.

He emphasized there are 1,000 ventilators fully ready to be shipped as soon as the Pentagon gets a destination of where to send them. »

Internet Archive responds: Why we released the National Emergency Library

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Right now, today, there are 650 million books that tax-paying citizens have paid to access that are sitting on shelves in closed libraries, inaccessible to them.

And so, to meet this unprecedented need at a scale never before seen, we suspended waitlists on our lending collection.

Further, there are approximately 650 million books in public libraries that are locked away and inaccessible during closures related to COVID-19. »

Taiwan to ship Australia 3 tons of fabric to ...

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On its Facebook page on Monday, the MOEA announced that Taiwan and Australia have agreed to cooperate on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia has pledged to provide Taiwan with 1 million liters of alcohol which can be used to produce 4.2 million 300 milliliter bottles containing 75 percent alcohol to be used as a disinfectant.

In exchange, Taiwan will offer Australia 3 metric tons of non-woven fabric to produce surgical masks once Taiwan has reached sufficient domestic production capacity. »

Tesla offers ventilators free of cost to hospitals, Musk says

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Elon Reeve MuskTesla offers ventilators free of cost to hospitals, Musk says Space enterprises, both NASA and commercial, fall prey to the coronavirus pandemic Dyson designs new ventilator, will produce 15,000 to fight coronavirus MORE said Tuesday the company would deliver FDA-approved ventilators to hospitals within the company’s delivery area.

President Trump Donald John TrumpIllinois governor says state has gotten 10 percent of medical equipments it's requested Biden leads Trump by 6 points in national poll Tesla offers ventilators free of cost to hospitals, Musk says MORE has also pushed General Motors to manufacture ventilators.

The Hill has reached out to Tesla for more details on ventilators it planned to ship. »