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Monday March 30th, 2020 night edition

image for ‘Tiger King’ Ranks as TV’s Most Popular Show Right Now, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix has a tiger tale that has punched into the zeitgeist with “Tiger King,” stocked with a cast of real-life bizarre personalities and sinister plot twists.

“Tiger Tale,” a true-crime-style docuseries that debuted March 20 on Netflix, ranks as the most popular current TV show, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

The show, to be sure, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Note that the picture for “Tiger King” is very different over at Amazon’s IMDb.

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In her review of “Tiger King,” Variety critic Caroline Framke called the seven-episode limited series “messy yet compelling.”. »

Boris Johnson's government is reportedly furious with China and believes it could have 40 times more coronavirus cases than it claims

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Scientists have reportedly warned Johnson that China could have up to 40 times more cases than it says.

UK government officials believe China is spreading disinformation about the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, the Mail on Sunday reports.

The newspaper says scientists have warned Johnson that China could have downplayed its number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus "by a factor of 15 to 40 times." »

Video emerges showing Trump talking about cutting pandemic team in 2018, despite saying last week 'I didn't know about it'

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A video has emerged of Donald Trump talking about cutting the US pandemic response team in 2018 – days after claiming that he knew nothing about the disbanded White House unit.

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“I’m a business person, I don’t like having thousands of people around when you don’t need them,” he added. »

Arkansas woman murdered by same person who murdered her mother 23 years ago: Police

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Arkansas woman murdered by same person who murdered her mother 23 years ago: Police The daughter was killed in the same house where her mother was killed.

Almost 23 years after an Arkansas mother was murdered by a 16-year-old, the convicted killer allegedly killed her daughter, police said.

Martha McKay, 63, was found dead allegedly by Travis Lewis, 39, who police said is the same person who killed her mother 23 years ago. »

Fauci predicts millions of coronavirus cases in US, and more than 100,000 deaths

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“We want to make sure that we don’t prematurely think we’re doing so great,” Fauci said of the extension of the federal guidelines.

West Virginia reported its first death, leaving only two states — Hawaii and Montana — with none linked to the outbreak.

A week ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 147 nursing homes in 27 states had patients with COVID-19. »