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Monday March 30th, 2020 evening edition

image for Medical Fetish Site Donates Entire Stock of Scrubs After Being Contacted by 'Desperate' Health Officials

A medical fetish company in the U.K. has donated its entire stock of disposable scrubs to a hospital after being contacted by "desperate" health officials.

MedFetUK said it had been contacted by National Health Service (NHS) representatives from across the country who were trying to procure basic protective equipment and clothing for health workers tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

The company didn't identify the hospital where it sent the "few sets" of scrubs that it had, but said it was located in the south of England.

Today we donated our entire stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital.

Writing about the donation on Twitter on Friday, MedFetUK said: "Today we donated our entire stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital.

We have been contacted this week by representatives of NHS procurement all over the country, trying to source basic protective equipment and clothing.

"We have a clear plan to ensure that those serving this country at this time have the right equipment. »

Coronavirus: Chinese wet markets still operation despite COVID-19

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SARS and Coronavirus have both been traced back to China's wet markets, so why are they still allowed to operate?.

As new cases of the coronavirus continue to decline in China, thousands of people have started to flood back into controversial wet markets across the country.

This isn’t the first virus that has been linked to wet markets, with the SARS outbreak in 2003 also thought to have originated there. »

Save 10% on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord on Steam

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“Early access is something that we are very familiar with: our first title, Mount & Blade, helped to pioneer this method of release back in 2005.

We are hoping to run a productive and efficient early access for M&B Bannerlord as well.

“We intend to use a range of different methods to gather player feedback and data throughout the early access period. »

Veel patiënten op IC met overgewicht, 'maar ga nu niet te streng diëten'

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Aanleiding zijn de berichten dat 80 procent van de coronapatiënten die op de IC liggen te kampen heeft met overgewicht.

Diederik Gommers, voorzitter van de Vereniging voor Intensive Care, kwam vrijdag in het televisieprogramma Jinek met deze cijfers.

Door het strenge dieet kan er bovendien een gebrek aan voedingsstoffen ontstaan, waardoor je een voedingspatroon krijgt dat je immuunsysteem nog verder aantast. »

Nintendo has big plans for Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary

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Nintendo is planning to celebrate Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary this year with several major releases, new and old.

As VGC’s network partner Eurogamer reported in a follow-up to our story, these remasters will include 1997’s Super Mario 64, 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintendo will also release several other Mario titles in 2020, including a new instalment in the Paper Mario series and a Deluxe version of 2013’s Super Mario 3D World. »