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Saturday March 28th, 2020 evening edition

image for Data shows Amazon raised prices during pandemic alongside sellers accused of price gouging

LITHIA, Fla. -- This week, Amazon kicked thousands of sellers off its site for price gouging and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced she’s investigating dozens of sellers amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

But other Amazon sellers may have been price gouging, which is defined as when a seller increases the prices of goods, services of commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair.

Earlier this week, Amazon announced it removed 500,000 listings and 3,900 third-party sellers from its site for suspected price gouging.

“When we looked at the data, we saw price increases from both Amazon and third-party sellers,” said Greg Mercer, founder and CEO of Jungle Scout.

Mercer says Amazon not only earned commissions from those sellers accused of price gouging, it also more than doubled its own prices on essential goods as the COVID-19 pandemic grew between early January and mid-March.

We contacted Amazon about Jungle Scout’s findings, but a spokesperson wouldn’t directly answer our question about whether Amazon engaged in price gouging.

Attorney General Moody announced this week she has subpoenaed records from 40 Amazon sellers as part of her price gouging investigation. »

A coronavirus 'super-spreader' in India who refused to self-isolate sparked an outbreak that left 40,000 people in quarantine, officials say

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A coronavirus "super-spreader" who refused to self-isolate prompted the quarantine of about tens of thousands, officials said.

His diagnosis prompted officials to lock down 20 neighboring villages in northern India in a bid to contain the spread.

A coronavirus "super-spreader" who refused to self-isolate after traveling prompted the quarantine of about 40,000 people in India, officials said. »

'The Office' Planned to Break Up Jim and Pam in the Final Season

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John Krasinki also wanted to do something different with their relationship at first, which undoubtedly helped inspire their issues in Season 9.

Writer Brent Forrester added that the plan was initially to have Jim and Pam split halfway through the season, later reuniting in the final episode of the series.

Jim and Pam splitting up is too painful for them to sustain all the way to the reunion. »

Yale's massively popular 'happiness' course is available free online

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(CNN) As you're spending more time at home and working to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be able to find solace in Yale University's mega-popular "happiness" course, which is available for free online through Coursera.

The course went online for free about two years ago under the name "The Science of Well Being," according to the Yale Daily News.

Anyone can audit the course for free, and $49 lets you complete assignments, submit them for a grade and earn a certificate of completion. »

Canadians have more faith in government to handle coronavirus than Americans and Brits—and less fear for their lives

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But while the spread of the virus seems universal, attitudes toward it—and toward measures aimed at limiting its spread—differ from country to country.

Canadians admitted to being less likely to share supplies or help their friends and neighbours than Americans or the Brits.

Less than six out of 10 Canadians (58 per cent) trust where they get their news from, the survey suggests. »