[Giveaway] a Jelly Key - The next Zend Pond - Cherry profile

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image showing [Giveaway] a Jelly Key - The next Zend Pond - Cherry profile

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[Groupbuy] A Betta Saga artisan keycaps


In the previous chapters of our Eden chronicles, we’ve come to learn about the mighty Dragons of the East Sea, and the cheerfully dynamic Koi fish in the Zen pond, both filled with absolute essence from the magical world of Eden.

This group-buy will closed at 3/30/2020, and please remember that we don’t run any group-buy again. 6 keycap per order & all collection will be free shipping.

Give me one number 1-999

I will roll 3 times by using random.org and choose the 3rd number as the winner (you can choose one Cherry profile you want).

The giveaway will end at: 11 PM GMT + 7, 3/26/2020

How to control the infinite Eden waves!

First thing first, it’s the fish swirling inside the keycaps that mean the most. They have many small details such as carved scales and eyes, so the drawing of each pattern requires extreme care from our Jelly Key artists. The scales and details will also retain color, making it especially tricky to correct if smearing. It should take about 5-7 minutes to paint each paint layer of each fish.

To fishes with larger and more curved sizes, it’s much more complex and intricate to anchor the fish because they do not only float horizontally but also vertically. The first fish prototypes were secured with their whole body, but the next version is only anchored from a small contact point on the fish body, so the pasting is more difficult as it’s easy to fall off and has to be glued again.

Shaping the Eden rays in the spacebar is a huge challenge, in particular: creating colored rays to form lining effect will take around 1 hour before loading into the incubator and 12 hours more to be frozen. Additionally, due to their large size, it is hard to align the color rays without covering the fish; and the removal rate also gets higher to produce completed keycaps.

SA R1 1u – Esc, F1-F12

SA R3 1.25u – Ctrl, Alt Fn, Win

SA R3 1.5u – TAB, | & \

SA R3 1.75u – Capslock, Left Shift

SA R3 2u – Backspace

SA R3 2.25u – Left Shift, Enter

SA R3 2.75u – Right Shift

SA R3 6.25u : Spacebar

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